How does the Gulag work in Warzone 2? How to win the Gulag, explained
Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Gulag
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How does the Gulag work in Warzone 2? How to win the Gulag, explained

Learn how to win your Gulags

Among the numerous changes that arrived with Call of Duty: Warzone 2, one that players will immediately notice is with the Gulag. Gone are the days of the 1v1 battle to the death to see which player gets to re-enter the match. There’s a new map, new mechanics, and an additional player fighting alongside you. Time will tell if these massive changes to the Gulag will be well-received by the fan base. However, for now, players can simply focus on learning how the new Gulag works and how they can use it to win their battles with ease.

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We’ll be explaining everything you need to know about the Warzone 2 Gulag in this guide. This includes the basic mechanics of the Gulag to different strategies you can use to win your matches.

How the Gulag works in Warzone 2

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When you die and get sent to the Gulag, you’ll be able to run around and spectate the current battles that are ongoing. Then, when it’s your turn to fight, you’ll enter the arena and be paired up with a random person. Since proximity chat is in Warzone 2, you can choose to talk to this person if you wish. Essentially, you need to work together with your teammate so you can both get back into the main match. You’ll be going up against another team of two.

At the start of the Gulag, you’ll either have a pistol or shotgun and a lethal/tactical grenade. However, across the map, you can loot better weapons and equipment to take down your opponents. This is a high-risk venture, though, as the better loot is located in the middle of the map.

If your team and the other team are still fighting after a while, then an AI called “the Jailer” will enter the match. This AI has a goal to eliminate both teams. If anyone kills the Jailer, all four players in the Gulag will get back into the Warzone 2 match. However, if players don’t kill one another or the Jailer before time expires, all four players will be killed.

Winning the Gulag

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One of the first strategies that you should have is to use proximity chat to try and barter with the opposing team. Essentially, you can ask them to wait for the Jailer to show up so you can kill the AI together and all get back into the match. Of course, that won’t always work, so you’ll need a backup plan.

We suggest not trying to go for the rare loot in the middle of the map until you kill one of the opposing players. It’s too risky, as the other team can easily pick you off. Use your starting pistol or shotgun and your grenades to weaken the other team, or kill them, before deciding to get better loot.

To survive the other team’s attack, try and use the pillars on the side of the map. These provide great cover and allow you to get some shots in on the enemies. Other than that, you could have your teammate distract them on one side of the map while you flank around the other side to get behind both of the opponents. Communicating with your teammate is perhaps the most important aspect of the new Gulag. You need to work together with them to survive the fight.

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