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After over three months since its release, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is finally getting a proper Ranked Play mode. While the CDL Moshpit playlist has been a welcome addition for those looking to scratch their competitive itch, a full-fledged Ranked mode is what the players want. And it’s what they are going to get with Season 2, which arrives on all platforms on Feb. 15.

In the recent Season 2 blog post from Activision, we got to learn all about how exactly Ranked Play will work in multiplayer. As expected, CDL rules will be followed and players will experience the same maps, modes, and restrictions that professional players use in the Call of Duty League. This means only Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Control will be playable across five different maps.

Ranked Play in Modern Warfare 2

Ranked Play Modern Warfare 2
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In Ranked Play, there are seven different Skill Divisions, ranging from the lowest division of Bronze to the highest in Iridescent. There is also a Top 250 division that’s exclusive to the best Ranked players in the world. Top 250 will have a special leaderboard showcasing every player’s name.

To start off, players will play a number of placement matches to determine their starting Skill Division. From there, they must win matches and perform well to advance to the next Skill Division. Also, the more matches players win, the higher their core Rank will be. There are up to 50 Ranks in Ranked Play, and players start out at 1. A player’s Rank goes up as they continue winning matches and this Rank never resets. Skill Divisions will reset with every new season. Players earn a Star towards their next Rank with every match they win. At every five Ranks, players unlock a new Operator skin.

In addition to all of that, there are also Seasonal Win Challenges, which offer rewards depending on how many matches players win during a Ranked Play season. Players will also unlock special rewards at the end of each season depending on what Rank they finished in.

Ranked Play arrives on Feb. 15 in Modern Warfare 2 and it will be available to all players.

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