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Call of Duty Next started earlier today and revealed a plethora of information for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Among this new information was the reveal of Perk Packages, which represent an entirely new perk system in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

Essentially, Perk Packages consist of four perks, two base, one “Bonus,” and one “Ultimate.” Players can pick these four perks in the Gunsmith, as they always have been able to. However, the difference with the Perk Packages is that players earn each of their perks throughout the course of a multiplayer match. Players no longer have their perks activated all of the time. Instead, the perks charge up and become available at different times throughout a match.

According to Infinity Ward, players will earn their Perk Package at the four and eight-minute marks in a non-round-based mode in multiplayer. Players will be able to expedite this time based on how well they are doing in a given match. For example, getting kills, assists, capturing objectives, etc. are all ways players can unlock their perks faster.

Players will be able to either select their perks themselves or choose one of the several default Perk Packages that are pre-made. It’s unclear what perks will be made available for all of the different classifications. We don’t know what perks fall into the Bonus and Ultimate categories and which ones are considered base perks.

It’s also unclear how the Perk Packages will work in round-based modes in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. However, they could work like the Specialist Perk Package from previous games, where players unlock each of their perks through consecutive kills. We’ll have to await more info from Call of Duty Next and the beta to find out how the Perk Packages will work in the different aspects of multiplayer.

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