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Call of Duty: Warzone is arriving tomorrow, and the community is humming with excitement. The battle royale is free-to-play and can be downloaded even if you don’t own a copy of Modern Warfare. That said, if you fall into the latter category, the download sizes for Warzone are extreme.

Nevertheless, Warzone looks fantastic from the footage we’ve seen so far. It appears Activision has learned from their mistakes with Blackout and improved several areas. This includes adding a new currency to the game, named Cash. Let’s hop in and discover how Cash works in Warzone.

What can you do with Cash in Warzone?

This currency is only available for use in-game, so you can’t use Cash to buy cosmetics or other microtransactions. However, you can use it to buy items within Call of Duty: Warzone to help you secure a victory.

Around the map, you’ll find stacks of Cash that you can pick up and save. Once you feel you’ve accumulated enough, you can try and find one of the Buying Stations, which are located around the map. At a Buying Station, you can trade your cash in for a number of different items. You can see that list of items down below.

Call of Duty Warzone Buy Station
Image courtesy of Charlie Intel

As you can see, there are a ton of useful items you can buy with Cash in Warzone. From killstreaks – which you can also find on the map as regular loot – to Self-Revive Kits, Cash is extremely important. You can also buy back a fallen teammate if they fail in the Gulag 1v1 Pit.

It seems if you want to make winning a match easier, you’ll need a lot of Cash to do so. However, it is in limited supply, so you’ll need to be extra careful about how you spend it.

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