How Cash Extraction works on Fortune's Keep in Warzone Season 4
Fortune's Keep map Warzone
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How Cash Extraction works on Fortune’s Keep in Warzone Season 4

A new in-game event goes along with the new map

When Fortune’s Keep arrives in Call of Duty: Warzone on Wednesday for Season 4, it will introduce a new in-game event called Cash Extraction. This public event, which is exclusive to Fortune’s Keep, encourages every player in the lobby to engage with each other and risk their lives for high-tier loot and cash.

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Cash Extraction on Fortune’s Keep in Warzone

Like with other in-game events, there’s no set time for Cash Extraction to occur. The event can happen randomly and will be signified by a flashing gold circle and a bag of money icon appearing on the map. After these icons appear, players have a short amount of time to get to that icon’s location, which they can also view by looking at the red flare in the air.

If players decide to go for the Cash Extraction, they’ll find five Mercenaries guarding a loot crate. The loot crate is dropped from the sky by a helicopter at the specific location.

In order to get to the loot crate, players need to fully eliminate the five Mercenaries guarding it. However, even after that happens, more Mercenaries can spawn to stop players from claiming the loot. Also, there’s also the possibility of other players coming to try and take the loot for themselves.

Inside the crate, players can find equipment, armor, cash and ammunition Players can claim the loot by interacting with the crate. There could also be multiple Cash Extraction events throughout a match on Fortune’s Keep in Warzone, so stay alert if you happen to miss out one event.

There’s also another in-game event on Fortune’s Keep, called Black Market Run Contracts. These also aim to reward aggressive players with cash so they can purchase special items. Players can use this money to browse the Black Market Run Buy Stations, which hold these exclusive special items.

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