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Every map in VALORANT’s pool boasts their own particular advantages. However, the newly released map, Breeze, features an open range with wide chokepoints. Another VALORANT map, Bind, has teleport and Haven has three bomb sites. However, Breeze is set apart from the rest of the maps in the VALORANT pool.

Breeze focuses more on long-range engagements, while a map like Ascent has close-quarter battles in A and B main. In many ways, Breeze’s playstyle is similar to Icebox; both maps are quite open and have long-range fights. But, unlike Icebox, the chokepoints on Breeze are much wider. This was one of the main points of concern that had pros like Tyson “TenZ” Ngo Daniel “vice” Kim worried.

The entrance to Bombsite B is a narrow hallway with too many angles to cover for attackers. In the early round, defenders could do whatever they wanted due to these chokepoints. If a defender Jett peaked early with an OP almost anywhere on the map, they would most likely get a free kill and getaway.

In addition to tighter chokepoints, Icebox also has too many angles to cover. For example, an attacker is exposed from over five positions at the same time if they peek middle. On Breeze, however, while it is also an open map, the opponent’s spots are more predictable and easier to counter and block off with smokes.

Middle also differs. Breeze features the same doors as Ascent but they start off closed. These doors are located in mid and, once opened, allow access to the attackers to split a site. In addition to doors, there are vents available near mid that offer access to sites quickly.

Finally, VALORANT’s map, Breeze, offers the best of all features from maps. As it is very open, the map has more access areas so that attackers don’t get stuck in one place.