High school CSGO team gets pro spot at Rainbow Six Siege DreamHack Winter - Upcomer

High school CSGO team gets pro spot at Rainbow Six Siege DreamHack Winter

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege have some pretty robust esports scenes that have grown exponentially in the last few years. You might not think there’s much crossover, but a Norwegian folk high school CSGO team is about to see if they can hold up against the likes of pro teams like G2 Esports and Team Liquid in Siege at DreamHack Winter .

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Reddit User Emil Berglund recently explained in a thread on the Rainbow6 Subreddit how his team landed on the Rainbow Six Siege pro stage at DreamHack Winter by mistake. “I guess I’m a pro now” headlines the wild story. According to Emil, he and his friends are studying esports at a Norwegian Folk High School. As part of a CSGO team with friends, Berglund and friends were asked to enter the DreamHack Winter 2018 tournament, but were allowed to do further activity. That’s when they decided to try their hand at entering the Siege tournament for fun.

Rainbow Six Siege Counter Strike DreamHack
Can Thousands of hours in CSGO translate over to competitive play in Rainbow Six Siege? Emil Berglund and the rest of Minigolfgutta are about to find out.

As it turned out, there were few enough team entries, that a decision was made by DreamHack staff to skip qualifiers for the Rainbow Six: Siege tournament. This means that Emil and his teammates will move on to the main stage to compete in front of fans at DreamHack against major teams. Their team, Minigolfgutta, is actually pretty thrilled to see what they can do. In a late edit to the original post, Berglund asks fans to “please bring signs saying ‘Minigolfgutta’ so we can see how many fans we can get in two days.”

The Minigolfgutta squad has tons of experience with CSGO, having logged 2000+ hours a piece according to comments offered to PCGamesN, but has had little experience with Siege. According to the Reddit post, only one player on the team actually owns the game. Nonetheless, they’ll be in a tournament pool starting on November 30, 2018, shooting for a part of $50,000 according to the DreamHack Winter Rainbow Six Siege tournament page.

Can they get a piece of the prize? Either way, getting to brush elbows with the likes of professionals like ENCE, G2, and Liquid may be an experience in of itself for any competitive gaming fan.