High Noon Lucian, Urgot and Thresh skins dropping August 30 - Upcomer

High Noon Lucian, Urgot and Thresh skins dropping August 30

Yesterday, we were given a whole rundown for an update on one of League’s oldest champs. After the big Nunu rework reveal, we now have a League of Legends skin release to focus on. However, these skins seem to be much more serious than the Yeti Rider. Riot Games has released a big teaser trailer for the upcoming High Noon skins for Lucian, Urgot, and Thresh.

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These three skins seem much more darker and sinister than the previous skins in the High Noon skin line. Players actually got their first glimpse of the skins in a series of ominous emails containing images of the three champs. Also, they would have a wild wild west themed tagline underneath each photo. Many people are linking these skins to the movie, “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly“, which is a western film starring Clint Eastwood.

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With the Lucian image, it read, “Devils live among us. Sometimes, within us. When you’re damned either way… give ’em hell.” Thresh’s image came with the tagline, “Devils live among us. Some hook you into a fool’s game, where taking one’s soul would have been a kinder consequence.” On the other hand, Urgot’s image was accompanied this tagline, “The devils live by our side. Some devils are steel monsters, mass producing bodies in the name of industry.” The Urgot teaser was actually in an email only in Japan, where the Lucian and Thresh images were sent only in North America.

Skin prices? High Noon Lore?

From what many League fans can tell, this will be another series of skins where two will be Epic tier skins, priced at 1350 RP. One skin will be priced at 3250 RP, a Legendary tier. Many fans believe that due to Lucian’s popularity, he will be the champion with the 3250 RP price tag. However, I do think that every single character has some great potential for the High Noon skin line. Each character could have great voice lines and effects to match the wild wild west, and the lore could be even better. The Lucian versus Thresh story line is pretty obvious, as they have been mortal enemies from the beginning of their creation. However, this could also mark the start of another event, comparable to Garen vs. Darius, or Riven vs. Yasuo.

The teaser trailer also confirms that the skins will be releasing in just a few weeks time, launching on the live servers on August 30. This is a really quick turn around from skin teaser to release. It may be possible that this High Noon skin line will be the first skins since ‘Beemo’ to skip the PBE and launch straight away. Riot Games has said in the past they they wish to do more sudden releases more often.

What do you think of Riot Games’ newest High Noon skin line? Will you be picking up one of the skins on launch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! If you want more League of Legends content, check us out here!