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Heroes of the Storm HGC Finals BlizzCon Gen. G Dignitas,

Heroes of the Storm HGC Finals Recap Day 3

Day 3 of the 2018 HGC Finals has come and gone, and here are the details below! Unlike the previous two days, all games were broadcast on the standard Blizzard HGC channel. If you missed our coverage of the first two days, you can find it here:

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These games are played on the current patch with Mal’Ganis disabled.

Match 1: Gen G vs. Luna Meow

Game 1: Gen G opened up this game on Battlefield of Eternity by capturing Luna Meow’s bottom fort just 2 minutes in. After securing the first Immortal, Gen G hit 10 a full 3 levels ahead of Luna Meow and ran them over with a second Immortal.

Game 2: Luna Meow drafted a strange all-in composition around Anub’arak and Kerrigan but also drafted Sgt. Hammer. Gen G dominated, getting a full team wipe at Luna Meow’s core. The casters in this did a good job of pointing out the patience Gen G plays with, holding their abilities and ultimates to get maximum value from them.

Match 2: Tempo Storm vs. Miracle

Game 1: Tempo Storm broke out an old-school composition focused around Tassadar and Illidan on Infernal Shrines. After an early game fight went wrong, Tempo fell behind and played catch-up all game. By the time both teams had level 20, Tempo was too far behind and fell to Miracle after a very intense fight in front of Tempo’s core.

Game 2: Tempo Storm again ended up playing from behind this game on Sky Temple. After winning an incredibly risky team fight, they began to slowly close the gap and threaten Miracle. Tempo fought all the way to Miracle’s core, and after a long and drawn out fight, Miracle just barely emerged on top.

Match 3: Beyond the Game vs. Team Liquid

Game 1: Team Liquid pulled ahead on Volskaya this game, drafting Hanzo and Jaina to poke down BTG’s Sgt. Hammer during objectives. This lead culminated in a sudden 10-minute core call with Team Liquid at just level 15.

Game 2: Just 7 minutes into game 2, Liquid had taken BTG’s bottom keep with the first Web Weaver phase on Tomb of the Spider Queen. Seven minutes later, Team Liquid walked into BTG’s core for the win after wiping their opponents handily.

Match 4: Dignitas vs. Tempest

Game 1: Dignitas started this Cursed Hollow game very behind, losing all their forts after Tempest secured the first curse. However, Dig’s composition scaled very hard into the mid and late game, resulting in Dignitas gaining the upper hand after some very tight, technical team fights. Dignitas rode that momentum, got the Curse, and marched a boss to Tempest’s core for the win.

Game 2: Though they started the game behind on tower shots on Towers of Doom, Dignitas took their solo support Abathur composition to the max and took down all three of Tempest’s forts before the 10-minute mark. Dignitas utilized a combination of Zeratul’s Void Prison capturing the enemy team, then Diablo’s Apocalypse stunning the entire enemy team once the Void Prison ended, followed by Jaina’s Ring of Frost to root and damage multiple enemies still stunned by Apocalypse. This combo won multiple fights throughout the game and led Dignitas to a 2-0 victory over Tempest.

Match 5: Leftovers vs. Mindfreak

Game 1: The Leftovers and Mindfreak gave a comical, fun game on Cursed Hollow as both teams were already too low in points to make it into BlizzCon. Mindfreak lost with a six-level deficit to the Leftover’s solo tank Dehaka team comp.

Game 2: Another fun, wacky game between these two teams on Volskaya Foundry. Leftovers seemed to have the upper hand all game with their d.va/Rexxar frontline, but after the 20-minute mark, the game descended into full meme territory. We saw full Gazlowe combos, multiple D.va mech explosion plays, a few Sylvanas Mind Control kills, and a Leftovers win after almost 25 minutes of intense team fighting.

Match 6: Heroes Hearth Esports vs. The One

Game 1: Heroes Hearth had a very solid early game on Dragon Shire, scoring 8 kills on The One before The One even got a single kill. HHE got The One’s bottom keep down pretty early, giving them excellent control of the battleground and a decent EXP lead. HHE ended the game with a Bruiser Camp after catching and killing two The One members.

Game 2: The One turned the tables this game on Volskaya and kept HHE on their back foot all game. HHE fought back, but they just couldn’t stay alive against The One’s comp. The One won the game before HHE even got level 20 talents.

Current Standings

Here are the standings after today: