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In a recent Twitter post from user @OverwatchNaeri, potential artwork for a future Heroes of the Storm update has made its way to the public. The artwork (shown below) is that of an event skin for the World of Warcraft character Anduin Wrynn. If genuine, this means that Anduin Wrynn is coming to HotS. It is important to treat this as a rumor though, albeit one with solid artwork backing it up. Anduin coming to Heroes of the Storm is a big deal, so let’s hope this rumor is true.

Anduin, Anduin Wrynn, HotS, Heroes of the Storm, leak

Anduin is a long-awaited character for Heroes of the Storm, and this rumor comes at a time when the game is making big changes in light of the shutdown of the HGC. New patches have had slews of nerfs, buffs, and quality of life changes; Imperius was added to the Nexus at long last; and now Anduin may be joining the HotS cast.

Anduin, son of our favorite (and only) multiclass hero Varian Wrynn, is portrayed as a priest in World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. In more recent appearances, he is seen in heavy armor wielding his father’s sword despite his use of healing magic. The only thing almost certain about how Anduin will play like is that he will be a support or healer. We could see him as he was in the Battle for Azeroth trailer, heavily armored and in the midst of battle as a frontline-oriented support like Uther. Alternatively, he could follow a more traditional Priest path and be a back-line healer similar to Malfurion.

If this rumor proves to be true, we could be looking at a brand new support or healer in Heroes of the Storm. More than that, this will be the second release of a long-awaited character this year and we’re only in February. The Heroes of the Storm team promised that this year would be a good one despite the grim HGC news, and so far they’re holding to their word.

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