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The 2021 Smash World Tour will kick off this weekend with the Mexico Ultimate Online Qualifier. This article will explain the tournament’s format, which is the same for every subsequent Smash World Tour Ultimate qualifier.

Smash World Tour Ultimate online qualifier format

The Smash World Tour format includes two separate brackets for each online Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament: the Online Qualifier and the Last Chance Qualifier. 

The Online Qualifier is a standard double-elimination bracket where each competitor will begin their tournament run. A set number of the top finishers in this bracket will automatically advance to their respective Regional Finals.

Every player who is eliminated from the Online Qualifier will automatically be placed in the Last Chance Qualifier bracket. Their placement in this bracket will correspond with where they lost in the original bracket. For example, a player who loses in Phase 1 pools of the Online Qualifier will begin in Phase 1 of the Last Chance Qualifier. Likewise, a player who loses just before the finals in Phase 3 of the Online Qualifier will be floated to Phase 3 of the Last Chance Qualifier. 

The Smash World Tour Last Chance Qualifiers will use the same double-elimination format as the Online Qualifiers. However, a smaller number of players will advance from the Last Chance Qualifiers to the Regional Finals. 

SWT structure
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A closer look at Mexico’s bracket

While every Smash World Tour qualifier will use this format, the number of players who advance varies by region. In the case of the Mexico qualifier, six players will advance from the Online Qualifier and two will advance from the Last Chance Qualifier. 

The top eight finishers in Mexico this weekend will qualify for the in-person Central America Ultimate Regional Finals; currently scheduled to take place from Aug. 21-22. Another eight players will qualify for the same Regional Finals at the Central America South Ultimate Online Qualifier. That event will take place from March 27-28.