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Hearthstone has announced that the fourth chapter of its Tombs of Terror solo adventure will be launching today. Tombs of Terror chapter four is called the Halls of Origination. This part of the journey comes after players duel their way through The Lost City in chapter one, the Scorching Dunes in chapter two, and Khartut’s Tomb in the third chapter.

Tombs of Terror solo adventure chapter four features the Plague of Wrath.

The in-game description for the Halls of Origination reads, “Defeat the titanic defenders of these sacred halls to overcome the Plague of Wrath.” As for the upcoming twist, it will consist of “enraging minions.” What this means is that after a minion takes damage, it will gain +1 attack. However, Hearthstone players should be cautious within these halls, as enemies can also be enraged.

Brann Bronzebeard in Hearthstone’s Tombs of Terror solo adventure.

In the previous weeks, Hearthstone players got to play as Reno Jackson, Sir Finley, and Elise Starseeker. In Tombs of Terror chapter four, players will get to be Brann Bronzebeard.

Once players defeat the fourth Plague Lord, as well as all the previous ones, they will unlock a new challenge. This time, players will face Tekahn, who is the Plague Lord of Flame.

The first chapter of Hearthstone’s Tombs of Terror solo adventure is free, and players can fight against the Plague of Murlocs as Reno Jackson. The rest of the chapters are 700 gold each, or $6.99 USD. Another option is to get the bundle, which has every chapter for $14.99 USD.

hearthstone tombs of terror chapter four card backs
Hearthstone’s Tombs of Terror Normal and Heroic card backs.

As for Hearthstone card packs, players can earn up to 16 of them by defeating the fifth boss of each chapter, as well as by defeating the final Plague Lord of Flame. Players can also earn two unique card backs for completing the entire solo adventure in Normal and Heroic mode.

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