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After a full weekend of finals matches, Ishibashi “posesi” Wataru, David Neila “Frenetic” Quiñones and Facundo “Nalguidan” Pruzzo became the Season 1 Hearthstone Grandmasters champions.

Posesi’s journey to the top

To reach the top, posesi first duked it out against Pa “GivePLZ” Yu Hsin in the semifinals. Posesi achieved a score of 3-2 with the help of his Miracle Rogue Rush Warrior and OTK Demon Hunter decks. This meant that he faced Chung “blitzchung” Ng Wai in the finals after he’d bested Kim “Surrender” Jung-soo in the semifinals.

In the first game, posesi used his Miracle Rogue deck against blitzchung’s Control Priest. The latter player obtained the first point after going face with minions.

However, posesi brought it back in the consecutive one by using Rush Warrior against OTK Demon Hunter. While blitzchung continued to draw cards, posesi built up a board and went face. The game was over when posesi buffed Kresh, Lord of Turtling with Nightmare and played Troublemaker for exact lethal.

Posesi, Frenetic and Nalguidan become Hearthstone Grandmasters champions
Posesi ties the score with Rush Warrior. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Posesi won the next two games with the help of Miracle Rogue and OTK Demon Hunter. With a final score of 3-1, he became the Season 1 Hearthstone Grandmasters’ Asia-Pacific champion.

Hearthstone Grandmasters Europe

In the next region, Frenetic first clashed against Radu “Rdu” Dima in the semifinals and won 3-1. To win the regional crown, Frenetic battled Zakarya “xBlyzes” Hail. Before heading to the finals, xBlyzes went 3-0 against Jaromír “Jarla” Vyskočil.

The first game between Frenetic and xBlyzes involved xBlyzes’ Rush Warrior deck against Frenetic’s Face Hunter. Frenetic built up an aggressive board in the early game and chipped away at his opponent’s health total.

Although xBlyzes played Blademaster Samuro to clear the board, Frenetic continued to go face and earned the first point after his opponent bowed out.

Frenetic goes face with a minion and a swing of his weapon. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Frenetic then used Token Druid and Miracle Rogue decks to achieve a final score of 3-2. In the final game between the players, it was a Rogue mirror match with different deck archetypes.

While xBlyzes opted for a Weapon Rogue deck, Frenetic used Miracle Rogue. Frenetic had control of the board in the midgame while his opponent was on low health. The match was over after xBlyzes disconnected and Frenetic won the series.

Hearthstone Grandmasters Americas

As for Hearthstone Grandmasters Americas, Nalguidan went up against Muzahidul “muzzy” Islam and won 3-1. This meant that Nalguidan secured a spot in the finals against Ramiro “Rami94” Ponce, who swept Davi “Fled” Garcia 3-0 in the semifinals.

The final match began with Rami94’s Rush Warrior deck against Nalguidan’s Spell Mage, with the latter player obtaining the first point.

Posesi, Frenetic and Nalguidan become Hearthstone Grandmasters champions
Nalguidan clears the board with Blademaster Samuro while Rami94 is in fatigue. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Although Rami94 evened the score in the following Rush Warrior mirror match, Nalguidan brought it back by defeating his opponent’s Spell Mage deck. The game was won after Rami94 went into fatigue and later bowed out.

Nalguidan then closed out the series with his Miracle Rogue deck and became the regional Hearthstone Grandmasters champion.