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On Jan. 19-20, 2019, the HCT Winter Playoffs will be played out for the Americas region. The Asia-Pacific region will have their first event of the year on the weekend of Jan. 25-27, 2019. Today, we will be taking a look at some of the most unique decks players have included in their line-up to compete.

Murloc Mage by Guiyze

We’re starting off with an archetype popular at the tour stops throughout 2018, Murloc Mage. While Murloc Mage has fallen out of popularity a lot in recent times, we’re very excited to see it make a return. The field of the Americas Playoffs event is largely heavy control decks facing off against each other. This makes bringing an aggressive choice like Murloc Mage a high risk, but also potentially a high-reward decision.

For the deck list of Guiyze’s Murloc Mage, copy this code and open the collection in the Hearthstone client:


Togwaggle/Hakkar Druid by Bloodyface

Next up is the only Togwaggle Druid at the event, which to us was very surprising considering how strong of an archetype the deck could be in a full-control meta. The build is different from what has been played in past playoff events, where players such as Sipiwi brought the original Togwaggle Druid using Azelina to switch decks with the opponent. This build of the deck, however, is much more focused on setting up a kill against the opponent rather than stealing away their deck.

One of the reasons we believe Togwaggle Druid to be such a powerful deck is the incredible matchups it has against builds using Mecha’thun. Being able to make them overdraw a key piece of the combo, or stealing away cards from their deck, can be game-winning.

For the deck list of Bloodyface’s Togwaggle Druid, copy this code and open the collection in the Hearthstone client:


Malygos Rogue and Mecha’thun Priest by Jay

The next two decks are both by the player Jay#12424. While we haven’t heard from him much over the past year, the decks he brought to the playoff event were certainly unique. It’s because he’s the only player to bring any form of Mecha’thun Priest and Malygos Rogue to the event. While these decks are rarely ever played, these decks have a clear goal in mind that might actually work out in this very specific meta. They are incredible against other control-style decks. With so few aggressive line-ups at the 2018 Winter Hearthstone Playoffs, this might be the only time decks like this are worth bringing.

How well Jay will perform with his unique lineup, we will have to wait and see. Either way, we are excited to see how these new decks will perform at one of the toughest competitions of the year.

For the deck lists of Jay’s Malygos Rogue and Mecha’thun Priest, copy the links below and open the collection in the Hearthstone client:


Priest: AAECAZ/HAgjlBO0FlsQCnccC3PUC8fsCiIID5ogDC4oB+wHRwQLKwwKezgLwzwLo0AKp4gLq5gKh/gKXhwMA

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