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HCT Fall Championship Day 3 – Quick Recap

With day three of the Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) Fall Championship wrapped up, we had the chance to watch some of the best from all corners of the world competing for the title of 2018 Fall Champion. On the third day of the event, all loser bracket matches were played out. The day started off with GeoLionKing facing off against DacRyvius.

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GeoLionKing vs. DacRyvius

An easy 3-1 victory for the South Korean DacRyvius, up against China’s GeoLionKing. GeoLionKing lost twice before picking up a win with his Shudderwock Shaman, which put him in a position hard to recover from.

DacRyvius 3-1 GeoLionKing

Akumaker vs. CaiMiao

The second series of the day was between Australia’s Akumaker and China’s CaiMiao. The series was quite a bit back and forth, but CaiMiao managed to close it out. He did this against Akumaker’s Zoo Warlock, through some great draws with his Malygos Druid.

CaiMiao 3-2 Akumaker

LPTrunks vs. Languagehacker

This was a brutal series for LPTrunks, losing 3-0 to Languagehacker and just having no real shot at winning the series. The draws for Languagehacker were just vastly superior this time around. Languagehacker continued to play Hatul later in the day.

Languagehacker 3-0 LPTrunks

Islandcat vs. Tincho

The fourth series was between China’s Islandcat and Argentina’s Tincho. It was not a good day for the Chinese players, as Islandcat also got swept in the near mirror lineup. I personally believe Islandcat made a mistake banning the Odd Rogue of Tincho, rather than the Token Druid. In the end it likely wouldn’t have made a difference, as Islandcat just wasn’t playing up to the standards set by the other players at the event.

Tincho 3-0 Islandcat

DacRyvius vs. Sintolol

As is tradition at this point, Sintolol’s Shudderwock got burned once more. Sintolol’s Shudderwock has gotten overdrawn on five separate occasions in the last couple events he played. Unlike the previous times, Sintolol’s pressure was enough this time around to secure him the first win of the series. The rest of the series played out as expected. The Odd Rogue picked up wins and the Malygos Druid could not draw what it needed today for DacRyvius. Sintolol qualified to the top 8 of the event with this win, where he will get to play for a chance at making it once more to the world championship.

Sintolol 3-2 DacRyvius

CaiMiao vs. Moyen

This was by far the most surprising upset at the event. Moyen got a quick 2-0 lead against CaiMiao, but then did not manage to close it out in three good matchups with Even Warlock. This was one of the only reverse sweeps at the event. CaiMiao had to put in his all, but he made it through and joined Sintolol as the second qualifier of today to make it into the top 8.

CaiMiao 3-2 Moyen

Languagehacker vs. Hatul

Languagehacker was on a roll today. Through some mistakes of Hatul, he managed to make it into the top 8 with his second 3-0 of the day. We were very impressed by Languagehacker’s play today and hope he does well tomorrow.

Languagehacker 3-0 Hatul

Tylerootd vs. Tincho

The last match of the day was between Vietnam’s Tyler and Argentina’s Tincho. After the impressive showing of Tincho earlier today, this time around it was much worse. Both he and Tyler seemed stressed out throughout some of the games and made some questionable decisions. After the easy victory Tyler had with his Quest Rogue, the remaining games he had to fight for a lot more. In the end Tyler took it 3-2, beating Tincho’s Odd Rogue twice.

Tylerootd 3-2 Tincho

That is our coverage of day 3 of the HCT 2018 Fall Championship. The action continues on Oct. 14 at 8:30 a.m. PT. You can catch it all at the PlayHearthstone Twitch channel where the quarterfinals up to the finals will be played out.

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