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Aziz “Hax” Al-Yami won Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at the 5DoM LACS 3 East Coast qualifier on December 16. He and the rest of the top 8 all earned spots in the upcoming Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 3.

Hax swept through pools unchallenged as expected. He kept up the pace in top 64 by securing 2-0 victories against Keita “K8A” Ohara and Darin “Question” Moore. Then, Hax beat Joseph “akir” Neidig 2-1 in order to qualify for top 8 on winners side.

In Winners Semis, Hax defeated “Bab Activated” 3-1. From there, Hax smoothly sailed into 1st place with 3-0 wins over “Zuppy” and Luis “TheSWOOPER” Olivo. Even an internet outage could not stop Hax from winning the 5DoM LACS 3 East Coast qualifier bracket.

Despite his fantastic start to the year at offline tournaments, Hax has been extremely inactive since the switch to online. He had entered only one netplay event previously, where he dropped out after losing to Sasha “Magi” Sullivan in winners. Even though he has been inactive, Hax was still able to win this tournament while only dropping two games.

Other results from the 5DoM LACS 3 East Coast Qualifier

TheSWOOPER took an early trip to losers, falling to Yaw “Prometheus” Sackey in the first round of top 64. However, he put together an impressive losers run to place 2nd at the 5Dom LACS 3 East Coast qualifier. On his way to top 8, TheSWOOPER won close three-game sets over John “JJM” McCarthy, Jeffrey “Kuyashi” Luce, and akir. Once in top 8, TheSWOOPER eliminated “htwa” 3-0, Malachi “MoG” Markos 3-1, and Bab Activated 3-2. Finally, he beat Zuppy 3-2 in Losers Finals before losing to Hax in Grands.

The following players qualified for the LACS 3 at the 5DoM East Coast bracket:

  • Hax
  • Zuppy
  • Bab Activated
  • MoG
  • Dan “Tyler Swift” Petruso
  • Brandon “BZimm” Zimmerly
  • htwa