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It’s October, which means it’s time to get out your creepiest decorations and prepare for Halloween. Every year since its release, Overwatch has celebrated its Halloween Terror event starting in mid-October. We will undoubtedly see it again this year, but will anything change?

Halloween Terror in past years

In the past, the Halloween Terror event in Overwatch has always included the special co-op PVE game mode, Junkenstein’s Revenge, along with a plethora of new cosmetic items. Certain maps also get special designs to celebrate the season like Hollywood and Chateau Guillard.

Fans have voiced their disappointment with the same repeating seasonal events on forums for years. While other games get exciting new content, quests, and seasonal battle passes, Overwatch gets the exact same event each year with some new cosmetic items. The question is: will anything change this year in the Halloween Terror event?

What to expect this year

If you are hoping to see something different, you aren’t alone. Don’t get your hopes up, however, because it probably won’t happen. Overwatch‘s seasonal events have always been the same and will probably continue to be, at least until Overwatch 2 comes out (probably sometime during 2021).

With this Halloween Terror, we can expect more of the same. Junkenstein’s Revenge will undoubtedly return to the Arcade, we will get some more spooky skins, and there will be a handful of cosmetic items that we can earn through winning matchmade games. We will also probably see a competitive game mode in the arcade, probably Free-For-All Deathmatch again. If we are extremely lucky, we may get some new map decorations.

Overwatch Holloween Terror

Hopefully, the skins will be good enough to give players enough motivation to hop on and grind out some loot boxes. Expect to start seeing some previews for the skins in the next week or two. Let us know what you hope to see in the comments.