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The ever-growing game that is Pokémon UNITE revealed new event the Halloween Festival, starting on Oct. 20. This event features new skins, a map redesign and more to come. This is the first holiday-themed event for the game.

Spooky content arrives on Oct. 20

From Oct. 20 to Nov. 7, the Halloween Festival promises a nice addition of new content. The video that the official Pokémon UNITE Twitter revealed starts with showing off a new Lucario skin, themed around Halloween with a black cape and hat. Another new skin that is shown off in the video is for Charizard, sporting a fall-time beanie and scarf. Along with all that, this new version of the arena is darker, with pumpkins all over the map along with some spookier music.

New treats and cosmetic items are being added for the event as well. The video showed off a pumpkin mask, backpack and new Halloween-themed backgrounds for trainer photos.

New Pokémon introduced to UNITE for Halloween

On top of all the new Halloween-themed content, a new Pokémon has also been added to the game. Greedent, a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in the eighth generation of the series, will join the game. It looks like a ranged Pokémon that shoots seeds at its foes from the reveal video. To summarize, this addition will mark the 26th Pokémon to join the roster of UNITE, just following Sylveon.

Along with the new Pokémon, the video hints at a “new way to play” the game. The most likely outcome of this quote is a new game mode or some small gameplay changes fitting the theme of Halloween. Either way, this event for Pokémon UNITE looks to follow other MOBAs, as well as add some time-sensitive content for players to grab and enjoy.

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