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The Call of Duty League Challengers circuit kicked off today for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The 2021 season is underway for the amateur scene of the CDL and fans were excited to finally watch some competitive action. However, the day was quickly marred by several matches featuring hackers. This has been an ongoing problem in the competitive scene thanks to the CDL’s move to PC for the 2021 season. This, paired with no Anti-Cheat for Cold War, made for a day filled with cheaters competing in the first Challengers Cup.

Hackers take over first CDL Challengers Cup in Black Ops Cold War

It was expected that some cheaters would enter the first CDL Challengers tournament of the year. Since the game isn’t the greatest at detecting cheats, many players have taken advantage in the competitive scene. Some have hacked their way to online Search and Destroy tournament wins. Others chose to compete in a tournament that rewards valuable Pro Points.

Most of the time, the hacks being used give the player the ability to see through walls. Often referred to simply as “wall-hacks,” this ability gives any player a major leg up against the competition. Early on in the tournament, several teams experienced the cheats firsthand.


It’s extremely clear to see when a player has a cheat enabled. In the clips above, the supposed cheater is pre-aiming the exact spots where enemies eventually surface. Not even the best Call of Duty players in the world can be that accurate with their map awareness.

However, as if that wasn’t enough, it also seems aimbots are also being utilized.

Several matches during the early stages of the Challengers Cup were affected by these types of cheats. Luckily, it seems no cheating team made it very far. Nevertheless, this is a major issue that’s only escalating in Black Ops Cold War. Activision needs to get to work on some kind of advanced Anti-Cheat system soon.

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