Gunfight confirmed to release in Modern Warfare 2 Season 3
Gunfight Modern Warfare 2 Season 3
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Gunfight confirmed to release in Modern Warfare 2 Season 3

The popular mode is officially returning

After several months of waiting to hear a shred of news about Gunfight, Activision has finally confirmed that the popular game mode is coming soon to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Well, that depends on your definition of “soon.” According to Activision, Gunfight is releasing with the Season 3 update in MW2, which is still likely at least two months away. After all, we haven’t even begun Season 2 yet, which is slated to launch later today.

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For those who didn’t play MW2019 or Black Ops Cold War, Gunfight is a small-team game mode that usually has two teams of two fighting it out on small maps. These maps are mostly designed entirely for Gunfight, but a couple might be taken from existing multiplayer maps or locations on Al Mazrah.

Activision didn’t provide a list of what maps players could expect or how many will be included at the start of Season 3. All we know is that Gunfight is arriving in Modern Warfare 2 when the new season goes live sometime during the late spring/early summer.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 to feature Gunfight

The only aspect regarding Gunfight that Activision did confirm is that the mode will launch with a specific set of maps. After that, Gunfight will receive new maps each season following Season 3.

While we don’t officially know what maps will be included at launch, a data miner in the community has provided a list of apparent map names for Gunfight. You can see those map names below:

  • Blacksite
  • Boneyard
  • Exhibit
  • Lounge
  • Mercado
  • Subway
  • Theater
  • Torn
  • Trauma

The data-miner indicated that some of these names are unconfirmed and others are meant for beyond the initial Season 3 update. We’ll have to wait and see if any of these map names pan out. However, it will be some time before we hear anything official from Activision about Gunfight in Modern Warfare 2.

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