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Call of Duty: Vanguard has a vibrant competitive scene that’s attracting new players with every passing day. While the professional side of things is somewhat in the air, with more amateurs leaving for Halo Infinite and a shaky ruleset currently in place, for players not trying to make it into the Call of Duty League there are a plethora of online sites to play competitive matches on. When playing these matches, players will need to know the best loadouts to use, and that includes perks.

The perks available in the competitive rulesets of Vanguard are fairly limited. Most of the perks in multiplayer are considered too overpowered to use in either Hardpoint or Search and Destroy. As a result, you will need to know the best perks to equip out of the available options.

Below, we discuss the best options available.

Competitive perks in Vanguard
The perk selection screen in Vanguard. | Provided by Activision

Best competitive perks in Vanguard

The first competitive perk slot has three viable options. The first and most common perk is Ninja. This is the classic Call of Duty perk that allows players to be silent when moving. However, in a game mode like Hardpoint, you don’t need to be too concerned with being silent. This means that either Fortified or Survival Training are the go-to choices. The former reduces explosive damage taken while the latter makes players less affected by stun grenades.

If you notice an enemy team is throwing more stuns, equipping a class with Survival Training makes the most sense. However, if you’re being bombarded with grenades, Fortified is the way to go. Players should make a separate class with each of the perks selected to ensure they’re ready for any situation.

For the second perk slot, you’ll want to equip Radar. Every other perk is essentially useless in competitive matches of Vanguard. Radar allows players to see enemies on their mini-map when they fire an unsilenced weapon.

In the third slot, you’ll want to equip Lightweight. While Double Time is appealing, Lightweight does more for players in the long run, allowing you to move faster while walking and sprinting.