PUBG partners with Global Loot League for GRAND SLAM: PUBG Classic

PUBG partners with Global Loot League for GRAND SLAM: PUBG Classic

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

PUBG Corp aims to hit a grand slam larger than any Major League Baseball player! The battle royale developer has partnered with Global Loot League (GLL) to host “GRAND SLAM,” the second PUBG Classic, in Stockholm, Sweden. The event will take place July 19-21.

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Global Loot League

The Global Loot League has been organizing PUBG tournaments for a little over a year. The company has been hosting sanctioned PUBG tournaments since they partnered with PUBG Corp earlier in 2018. GLL is most known for their “Wingman” and “Nations Royale” tournaments.

Players that are interested in checking out GLL can use their “Queue & Play” system to find varying types of matches at any time of day.

Grand Slam: PUBG Classic Stockholm, Sweden PUBG Corp GLL
PUBG Global Invitational 2018 Photo Credit: PUBG Corp

Who is playing?

The second PUBG Classic will be an international tournament. There will be 16 teams competing for the number one spot from all around the world. Teams will earn their spots by proving themselves in regional leagues such as the NPL and PEL. Qualifying for this tournament will likely be similar, if not the same, to the format used for the FACEIT Classic that we’ve previously covered.

The announcement made via Reddit did not list the Southeast Asia region. This exclusion is likely an oversight; however, its being true would mean that we would not see top teams from China, Korea, or Japan playing in GRAND SLAM. Since the tournament is supposed to be an official part of the newly formed PUBG leagues, it is likely that there will be spots for this region.

In the meantime…

July is still several months away, but, in the meantime, fans will still have something to watch. The FACEIT PUBG Classic (another international PUBG tournament) will be taking place in April. Phase 2 of the NPL and PEL will also be taking place between the FACEIT Classic and GRAND SLAM.

Grand Slam: PUBG Classic Stockholm, Sweden PUBG Corp GLL

Fans that want to watch the action in person can get tickets at “early bird” pricing until the end of March. There is no indication of what ticket prices will be after the “early bird” pricing is over, so act now if you want the cheapest possible tickets! Viewers that cannot make their way to Stockholm can watch from the comfort of their homes on the GLL Twitch channel.

Be sure to keep watch on the regional leagues as well. The best teams from those leagues will be the ones that come together at these international tournaments. Only one team will be able to rise above the others and claim world prestige on the biggest stages in PUBG.

Be on the lookout for recaps, power rankings, and future announcements. This is the first year of league play, and there may be some surprises in store.