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Avery “Ginger” Wilson won Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at Hold That L #5 on Feb. 22 in Chicago, Illinois. It was his first tournament victory since Holiday Heist 5 in December.

Ginger cruised his way into top 16 with 3-0 wins over Reece “Golden” Economides and Joe “JustJoe” D. He found a greater challenge in Winners Quarters, where he lost his first games of the tournament. Nevertheless, Ginger narrowly beat Evan “Fizz” Akhavan 3-2 to advance into top 8 on winners side.

Ginger started Hold That L #5 top 8 with a 3-1 victory over Abhishek “Prince Abu” Prahbu. In Winners Finals, he fought Sasha “Magi” Sullivan in a Falco ditto, winning the set 3-2. He and Magi faced off again in Grand Finals, with Ginger scoring a 3-0 victory the second time around.

Ginger finished 2019 as the No. 21 player in the world. He has started 2020 off well, boasting placements like 17th at Genesis 7 and 5th at Saving Mr. Lombardi 2. Along the way, he has earned wins over Shephard “Fiction” Lima, Zachary “SFAT” Cordoni, and Mustafa “Ice” Akçakaya.

Other results from Hold That L #5

Magi had a respectable run to 2nd place at Hold That L #5. She found herself in top 8 after earning victories over Grant “Pleeba” Donahue, Panayiotis “Panos” Dimopoulos, and Jonathan “TheRealThing” Clinton.

In Winners Semis, Magi defeated Steven “FatGoku” Callopy, who had double-eliminated Ginger at a local the day before. She also earned a win over Prince Abu in Losers Finals before falling to Ginger in Grand Finals.

In addition to winning Singles, Ginger won Super Smash Bros. Melee Doubles at Hold That L #5, teaming with FatGoku. They defeated Fizz & Keith “TechDeath” K., Adrian “Skerzo” Chavez & Samuel “Hyunnies” P., and Prince Abu & Kelly “Kels” Smith.

Ginger & FatGoku teamed for the first time at Genesis 7. In their Doubles debut, the duo made an impressive run to 7th place. In the process, they beat several strong teams, most notable among them being Joseph “Mang0” Marquez & Joey “Lucky” Aldama.