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After a loss in the VALORANT Champions Tour European open qualifier, Giants Gaming VALORANT coach Tanishq “Tanizhq” Sabharwal spoke with Upcomer’s Yinsu Collins about the team’s performance and Chamber pick against Anonymo Esports. Giants decided to show off one of the first Chamber picks in competitive VALORANT, but lost 2-1. As their season continues, Tanizhq commented on how Giants have played so far and their expectations for future qualifying tournaments.

A talk about Chamber and strategy

Very early on into the interview, Yinsu mentioned the Chamber pick and Tanizhq quickly responded to it.

“I like this comp with Chamber, especially because Bind was a map that we left till last,” Tanizhq said. “We scrimmed with Chamber, even against good teams. I don’t think Chamber was the reason we lost.”

He went on to mention how while it was easy to set up and plant the bombs, their main issues were the post-plant scenarios.

“That was a bit painful since we’re not getting outplayed, someone just isn’t calling or someone is peeking without letting the team know,” Tanizhq said.

In that match between Giants and Anonymo, the first map was a close but confident win from Giants Gaming. Their 13-10 win on Ascent led them to Icebox for Map 2, where the match got closer. After reaching overtime despite ending the half down 10-2, they lost 14-12 and went to Bind for Map 3. That’s when the Chamber pick came out, and despite still keeping the match tight, they lost 13-11 and the series 2-1.

A new team learns from defeat

The team itself formed just around Christmas and only one player, Adolfo “Fit1nho” Gallego, was on the roster beforehand. So, their practice time heading into this qualifying tournament was limited and led to some of their mistakes.

“We’ve had two weeks of actual game time,” Tanizhq said. “We wanted to bootcamp earlier, but with holidays it was going to be hard to get everyone together.”

Plus, fans in the chat along with Yinsu asked about if Batuhan “russ” Malgaç would have the chance to play Jett in the future. After a short pause, Tanizhq confirmed that russ will get the opportunity to play Jett for their next competitive tournaments.

“Sure, they can try and anti-strat it, but when you got russ on Jett, there isn’t much you can do,” Tanizhq said.

Giants lost in their first qualifier together as an almost entirely new roster, but have another qualifier to recoup and improve.

“If you look at Bind, we had around 18 first bloods but we lost the map anyway,” Tanizhq said. “Improvement will come the more we play together, so I’m not worried about our team.”

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