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Gen.G join the women’s side of VALORANT competition with the announcement of their women’s team, Team Bumble,Β  on May 18. Some of the players announced on the roster unofficially represented the organization under the name OWA OWA at the VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers tournament back in March of 2020. They also continued to compete in other tournaments like Game Changers Academy and the VALORANT premier series before officially representing Gen.G.

“We can’t bee-lieve it’s finally official! Everyone give a warm welcome to the #GenG #TeamBumble VALORANT roster,” the Gen.G account tweeted.

Who is on Gen.G VALORANT Team Bumble

Three players from the OWA OWA roster carried over to the new roster: Carlee β€œcarlee” Gress, Hannah β€œHannah” Reyes and their in-game leader Tiraye. Both carlee and Hannah previously played competitive Fortnite for Gen.G before their switch to VALORANT. Tiraye mainly plays smoke agents for Team Bumble. She has recently put many games into Astra, but also plays Omen, Brimstone and Viper. Hannah is the team’s main Sentinel player. She plays a majority of her matches on Cypher, but flexes to Killjoy and Sage depending on the map and the team’s needs. The last holdover from the previous roster is carlee, who is now the flex Initiator and Duelist for Gen.G. Before a new addition in March, carlee was the team’s Sova player. She recently switched over to to Duelist and Breach, mainly putting time into Raze.

The new additions to the squad include leelee and stephanieser. Leelee has been around the women’s VALORANT scene for awhile, competing with teams like SinCere and Infinity Val. Before Gen.G she was a Killjoy main, but for her new team she is their main Duelist. She makes space and plays entry for Gen.G on Phoenix and Jett.

Stephanieser, not be confused with the new Dignitas signee Stephanie, is the squad’s main Sova player. This is her first VALORANT team according to TheSpike.GG.

Gen.G Esports Team Bumble will compete officially under the organization for the coming events.