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Legends of Runeterra spoilers season continues for the latest region, Bilgewater. League of Legends‘ most infamous pirate captain, Gangplank, is the newest champion to join the roster of Riot’s spinoff card game. Riot Games revealed the full card in a video spotlight, as well as in an art post on Twitter.

All hail the Pirate King

Bilgewater’s Saltwater Scourge is a powerful midrange card that closes the game on its own. Gangplank is a 5-cost unit with 5 power and 5 health that possesses Overwhelm and creates a Powder Keg when summoned. Powder Kegs are 0/1 units that can stack on top of each other, only taking up one space on the bench no matter how many there are in play. As the game progresses, players can detonate these kegs to increase damage dealt by other effects by 1 per keg.

Gangplank remains as a 5-cost unit when leveled up, turning into a 6/6 who creates a Powder Keg upon being summoned or at the start of the round. When this improved version of Gangplank attacks, he deals one damage to each enemy as well as the enemy Nexus, automatically detonating all existing Powder Kegs. As a result, Gangplank transforms from a slowly ticking time bomb to a problem you have to immediately defuse… or else.

Nautical alliances

Gangplank has powerful synergies with other aggressive regions, particularly tempo-oriented factions like Piltover & Zaun or Noxus. Similarly tempo-oriented strategies help allow Gangplank to excel in the mid-game. The spotlight video demonstrates that other Bilgewater cards can summon Powder Kegs. Saavy players will be able to use the barrels to chip away at their opponents, finishing the game with a single explosive attack.

Stay tuned to Daily Esports for the latest spoilers and updates as Legends of Runeterra and its Rising Tides expansion set sail for full launch on April 30.