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Loud cheers of “Vamos” died throughout the Argentina Game Festival where hundreds of fans watched KRÜ Esports fall to Gambit Esports after quintuple overtime at VALORANT Champions, securing their grand final berth.

Gambit Esports reach grand final

The match went all the way to the third map, and every map showed what both teams were best at. In the first, KRÜ Esports got out to an early lead against Gambit Esports on Breeze. The boys in pink were out to a solid 8-4 lead at halftime, but the moment the teams switched sides, Gambit reminded everyone of their defensive prowess. The moment Gambit Esports were on defense, KRÜ Esports did not get a single round. In an 8-0 sweep on defense, the iron wall of Gambit Esports halted KRÜ Esports’ momentum and took the match.

On KRÜ Esports’ map pick, Ascent, the story was the same for the first half. Both teams traded blows and KRÜ Esports came out with a 7-5 advantage. However, Gambit Esports was on defense on the first round, and it would be on them to take the advantage back from KRÜ Esports’ in the second half. However, KRÜ Esports copied their competitors and won the defense 6-2. Gambit Esports only won the first two rounds and KRÜ Esports swept the rest to bring the game to a tie.

Gambit Esports overcame a major round deficit on Bind, pulling out round win after round win after KRÜ Esports’ built up a huge lead. The champions of Stage 3 Masters: Berlin stayed cool as they made sure their final game at Champions remained close through. Then, in an exhausting back and forth, the teams traded rounds for five rounds of overtime until the LATAM team crumbled. The Russian team will go on to face Acend in the grand finals at noon ET on Sunday.

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