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Long-time champions G2 Esports had faced Fnatic in Best of Five matches for today’s LEC Finals. Unfortunately, Fnatic fell flat as they lost all three games played, giving the trophy to G2. Plenty of things could have been done differently, but G2 showed dominance and focus throughout every match.

G2 and Fnatic fight for victory

The first game started in favor of Fnatic as they earned first blood. Fnatic’s momentum kept going until G2 showed their strength in team fights. By the 25 minute mark, G2’s mid-laner Rasmus “Caps” Winther scored 8/0, giving the team a leg up in gold and XP. They also had priority in objectives, something that Fnatic failed to keep up with. A half-hour into the game, G2 pushed towards Fnatic’s base. After an almost 50-minute tug-of-war game, G2 finally ended with 26 kills, 9 towers, and 4 dragons.

Fnatic tried their best for the second game, not accepting a loss this time. Throughout the match, G2 kept a gold lead even though Fnatic earned more objectives. Fnatic’s jungler Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek as Hekarim initiated plenty of team fights, but their teamwork wasn’t enough once G2 became the stronger team. The second game went straight to G2, lasting almost an hour.

G2 cut the Best of Five series short with the third game, where they overtook the map with proper positioning and objective priority. G2’s jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski, stayed 7/0 until the end where he sneaked in one more kill. Unfortunately, Fnatic’s mid-laner Tim “Nemesis”Lipovšek was no match for Caps, as he consistently failed to be present during team fights.

G2 is now the most decorated team in the European league, winning eight different splits since 2016. After the third game, they won the title of the 2020 LEC Summer Champions. They’ll be accompanying Fnatic and Rogue for the Worlds Group stage later this month.

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