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G2 Esports continues their win streak in the LEC Spring Split after taking down EXCEL Esports in week two. However, it wasn’t as easy as everyone believed it was going to be. In fact, this matchup was the most exciting of the season so far.

G2 Esports were looking like an unstoppable juggernaut from week one, after dismantling Origen and Schalke 04. Their superstar duo of Rasmus “Caps” Winther and Luka “Perkz” Perković played incredibly in their two games, while the rest of the team was also great. G2 look poised to take the European crown for themselves with ease. All the casters and viewers would vote that the EU superteam would roll EXCEL Esports over.

Meanwhile, EXCEL did not have as successful a start as G2. The brand-new LEC organization went 1-1 last week, with a win against Rogue but a loss against Splyce. They didn’t look too bad, as their macro skills and decision making were actually pretty good. They were relatively low in our power rankings, but only because there is so much talent in this league. There will be some teams that deserve the playoffs, but simply cannot because there are too many good teams. Speaking of which, they would surprise the best team in Europe with one of the best games of the split.

On a Knife’s Edge: G2 vs. EXCEL

The game would start off as expected, with G2 getting an early lead before fifteen minutes. However, EXCEL would surprise their opponents with a brilliant teamfight in the bottom lane. They would end up with four kills to G2’s two kills. EXCEL would begin to take over the map kills-wise, reaching a 10-2 kill lead by 30 minutes. Luckily, G2 Esports would keep up with good farming and objective control. Ultimately, it would be the Caps Show once again, as he would take over for his team late:

G2’s hopes would lie in his hands for a majority of the late game, as he would attack EXCEL’s backline over and over. Even still, the UK-based organization would stay in the match with some good skirmishes. In fact, Marc “Caedrel” Robert Lamont would manage to steal the Baron away from G2 as well. It was a very back and forth match, with Perkz stealing the Elder Dragon with a well-timed Draven ult. Finally at 45 minutes, Caps and Perkz would finish the game for G2 with a well-played teamfight in EXCEL’s base. It was a surprisingly competitive match, even though not many people expected much from EXCEL.

Final Thoughts

For EXCEL Esports, they can leave this game with their heads held high. As a brand-new team in the LEC, to be able to push G2 Esports to the brink is a challenge in itself. They should be proud of their improvements so early in the split. They will now have to face the young and fiery roster of SK Gaming, which should present a different kind of test for their roster. Meanwhile, G2 Esports continue on towards Rogue tomorrow, as their quest for the European championship move onward. Even though they had a few hiccups today, it is better to get those problems out now while it is early, rather than discover them late.

What are your thoughts on this nailbiter of a match between EXCEL Esports and G2 Esports? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more LEC coverage, check us out here!

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