FTWaveDash wins Splatoon 2 at The Squid House invitational

FTWaveDash wins Splatoon 2 at The Squid House invitational

FTWaveDash won Splatoon 2 at The Squid House on December 6. EndGameTV announced the invitational tournament after Nintendo shut down the livestream for the Splatoon 2 North American Open December 2020. Its name was inspired by The Big House tournament series.

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EndGameTV crowdfunded the prize pool for this event, with numerous members of the Smash community contributing. In fact, Melee commentator Vish Rajkumar got the ball rolling with a $1,000 donation. The community raised over $28,000, making it the biggest prize pool in Splatoon 2 history by a substantial margin.

All four of the teams that competed in The Squid House were initially supposed to play in Nintendo’s tournament. However, they all dropped out to play in EndGameTV’s grassroots invitational instead. The remaining teams in the top 8 of the North American Open December 2020 reportedly dropped out as well.

FTWaveDash (who normally go by FTWin) won The Squid House in an incredibly dominant fashion. In fact, they did not drop a single game in either of their two sets. Additionally, only one of their games went to time, with the other matches ending in KOs. FTWaveDash beat Slippi (also known as Enlightenment) 3-0 in Semifinals. Then, they beat Melee Lights (also known as Southern Lights) 4-0 in Finals.

Other results from The Squid House

Melee Lights placed 2nd at The Squid House as the tournament’s third seed. This came about because of their upset victory over Melee Nation (also known as Bocut Nation) in Semifinals. Melee Lights actually went down 0-2 at the start of the set, with a heartbreaker one-point loss in game two. However, they managed to pull off a reverse 3-0 in order to advance into Finals.

Despite their upset loss to Melee Lights, Melee Nation got a chance to redeem themselves in the bronze medal match. There, they faced off against Slippi for 3rd place. Melee Nation achieved a clean 3-0 win, including a KO to finish off game two.

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