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From sports to esports, football star Mitch Robinson joins HyperX Heroes

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Mitch Robinson, the Australian Rules Football player, has joined HyperX as one of its Heroes. The star footballer has been heavily involved in esports since his first charity stream earlier this year. Now he’s signed onto HyperX along with other heroes such as Post Malone, Lachlan, and Pokimane.

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HyperX Heroes

While Robinson has been into gaming since aged six, it seems he really dove into it after a charity stream earlier this year. After the success of the stream, Robinson jumped right into competitive gaming and streaming. He mentions in his tweet that he didn’t think a streaming platform could exceed his charity goals. Robinson probably didn’t think he’d be so involved in streaming six months later. The pro gamer was also involved in the Fortnite Summer Smash competition. He joined the Chiefs Esports Club as a gamer and streamer and continues to play AFL for Brisbane Lions. He’s a man who’s showing it’s possible to be part of both the physical world of sports and the digital world of esports. Now he’s part of the HyperX family.

The HyperX Heroes are a group of pro gamers, streamers, and influencers. Each hero receives their own “transformation” video. The videos show off the ambassador’s personality and flair. Robinson said in his media release he wanted his hero image and transformation to represent his style, both for gaming and football. In addition, each of the hero videos are designed in a comic book art style, further fitting into the hero theme. Check out the full list of heroes and their videos over on the HyperX website.

HyperX gear for Robinson and for you

As part of the agreement, Robinson will be decked out with HyperX gear whenever he is gaming or streaming. HyperX is thrilled to partner with Robinson as it mentioned in its official press release. And to celebrate, the company is throwing a massive sale. Mwave will be hosting a 48-hour rush sale starting this Friday. Gamers will have access to lots of cool deals, and the first 25 fans who spend at least $60 AU on HyperX peripherals will have the chance to win special gifts. This is definitely time to stock up if you’ve been thinking of upgrading or adding to your setup.

Don’t forget to see what all the hype is about and find Mitch Robinson regularly playing Fortnite on his Twitch channel. Whilst Fortnite seems to be his game of choice, you’ll also find him playing Call of Duty and CS:GO. We wonder if he’ll be jumping into Valorant anytime soon. Keep an eye out for new updates, and don’t forget to drop into the Mwave sale to take advantage of their bargains.

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