Fortune's Keep map for Warzone Season 4 fully revealed
Fortune's Keep map Warzone
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Fortune’s Keep map for Warzone Season 4 fully revealed

The newest map in Warzone

The brand new map coming to Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 has officially been revealed. Over this past weekend, Activision teased that a new map was arriving in Warzone Season 4, only giving players the map’s name: “Fortune’s Keep.” Over the next few days, Call of Duty creators were sent different pieces of the map for fans to piece together in order to get a full view of the map. This all came together earlier today; now we have a complete overhead look at Fortune’s Keep and all of its points of interest.

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Fortune’s Keep details revealed

Creators were mostly sent pieces of the map on a cake sent to them by Call of Duty. Using these pieces, fans were able to puzzle together sections of the map to get the full image. Fortune’s Keep is a small, hectic map that closely resembles Rebirth Island in size. According to leakers, this is because Fortune’s Keep will be replacing Rebirth Island when Season 4 launches.

Compared to the regular map of Caldera, which has 256 total tiles, Fortune’s Keep has around 60 tiles. This makes Caldera around four times larger than Fortune’s Keep, roughly the same size difference between Caldera and Rebirth Island. Hopefully, fans won’t be thrown off too much when Fortune’s Keep launches.

Fortune’s Keep has 12 total points of interest, all of which are fairly well spread out. The map is an island surrounded by the water, specifically the Adriatic Sea, a common feature for a battle royale map. There are a couple of points of interest on the map that are situated in the water, meaning players will be able to get into the sea to an extent. However, it seems full-on underwater swimming is still out of the question in Warzone.

The map, along with Season 4 of Warzone, will presumably launch on Thursday, June 23, one day after the current Season 3 Battle Pass ends. More details are sure to be revealed as the new season draws closer.

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