Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 5: New King Pin format, duos partners announced

Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 5: New King Pin format, duos partners announced

Epic Games has revealed that Week 5 of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish will follow the all-new “King Pin” format. The weekly series, which continues Friday, August 10, is the latest in their $8 million summer tournament. Despite a rough start with their first week’s results, the following weeks have embraced the versatility of the popular battle royale title. Rather than sticking with the same format throughout the eight-week event, each weekend bout uses a different set of rules. This week’s format, dubbed “King Pin,” shows the Summer Skirmish at its most creative juncture thus far.

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King Pin Summer Skirmish Rules

The event, unveiled on Epic’s website earlier today, bears a similar description to previous weeks:

Teams will be ranked on a Contest Leaderboard based on their current points. Victory Royales and Eliminations in this competition will be scored to determine placement, score, and multipliers during the event. The top 20 players at the end of the 8 games will be awarded. In the case of a tie, players will be scored on a tiebreaker system.

However, King Pin sets itself apart with a unique scoring system. Whereas earlier tournaments featured straightforward point gains, this week’s duo-focused series incorporates multipliers.


Epic clarifies that the multipliers do not stack and do not carry across matches. Whether or not King Pin is successful is uncertain, but at least Epic continues to innovate. Afterall, this is only the inaugural tournament series for the ambitious Fortnite World CupFortnite as a game is still growing, and as it does, the competitive scene around it will find its place.

Contestants invited by Epic

As with previous weeks, there is a mix of new and returning contestants. Some are popular streamers, while others ranked highly in prior Showdown modes.

  • Ghost Saf & Ghost Ghoul.
  • TB Fulmer & TB Lavak3
  • Notvivid & Liquid Poach
  • Monsterdface & Twitch.Connoreo_
  • CourageJD & Hysteria
  • Knights Zexrow & Knights Mystic
  • Crowdotwave & LG BSox
  • Elevate & Daevon
  • EU Amaize & EU Ashton
  • Liquid72Hrs & Liquidchap
  • TB Sofa & TB Exuhz
  • Ihesi TTV & Sheep
  • TM Jaxsen & TM Freezie
  • DrLupo & Rogue 00Flour
  • SypherPK & LGKweo
  • One_Sh0t_Gurl & Tinaraes
  • Sen Carose & Sen Animal
  • Kraftyyz & 100T Sird
  • TinyTimothy22 & Brushh
  • Faze Cloak & Not Tfue
  • Wilds & Femsteph
  • Liquid Strafe & Twitch Snood
  • Kyoto Mllennialz & Kyto T.Challatv
  • Ghost DMO & Ghost Bizzle
  • Reverse2K_TTV & Ninja
  • Itsdiggytv & 100T Kenith
  • Annialis & HighDistortion
  • TSM_Myth & TSM_Hamlinz
  • Col Hogman & Faze Tennpo

Of these matchups, the Reverse2k and Ninja duo is particularly exciting. Reverse2k won the prize for most eliminations in last week’s Summer Skirmish, and Ninja is an entertaining player. However, expect strong showings from Liquid72Hrs and Liquidchap, arguably one of the most consistent pairs involved. Faze Cloak and Not Tfue is also a fan-favorite pairing; barring any early eliminations, they should place near the top as well.

Showdown LTM high performer contestants

  • Pierxbl TwitchTV & Faze Spacelyon
  • Ca028 & Obey Upshall
  • Joker Untamed & C9 Shivsy
  • NRG Zayt & Lamar
  • Nate Hill & Funkbomb
  • NMS Painfulpvp &
  • Optic_Baldy & OpticWizkay
  • C9 Criz & C9 Bandit
  • Topgunsmurf & Gamesager
  • Tendons.TV & Bolt Shawnclaude
  • Twitchrgflive & Bolt Bravo
  • Faze Replays & Thiefs
  • Bigdaddymelts & Guilt-.-
  • Imrsharpshooter_ & Soar Toasty
  • TwitchTVFuzzy301 & VVPunisher
  • Spicy & YouLovedAron
  • Twitch TooColdD & NRG General
  • XCells- & Symfuhny
  • Twitch.Aydanc & Optic Dramas

You can tune in to the King Pin Summer Skirmish on Friday at 5 p.m. ET and Saturday at 1 p.m. ET. In the meantime, let us know what you think of this week’s format. Any early predictions? Will you follow along on the official Fortnite stream, or do you prefer to follow a specific streamer?