Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 2 begins Friday, $60,000 top prize for Solos

Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 2 begins Friday, $60,000 top prize for solos

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Despite last week’s disastrous Summer Skirmish, Epic’s inaugural Fortnite tournament series returns for round two later today. This week’s tournament is split across two days, with the first round commencing at 5 p.m. ET on Friday, July 20. When the Summer Skirmish Series was first announced, Epic promised each week would include different players and follow a new match format. True to their word, this weekend’s series is focused on Solo matches. It also uses a different scoring system than last week’s more traditional Duos format.

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For this weekend’s tournament, the rules are as follows, per Epic’s blog:


The player with the highest score after 10 Solo matches will be named the winner. Victory Royales and Eliminations in this competition will be scored to determine placement at the end of the event. The top 20 players at the end of the Summer Skirmish will be awarded. You can also check the top players here.

Victory Royale: +5 Points
Eliminations: +1 Point
20 Eliminations (game): +10 Points, $10,000

The competitors are different for each day this weekend, though the rules remain the same.

Confirmed players for Summer Skirmish Week 2

As with last week, Epic invited a number of high-profile players to compete. Some, like Myth, return from the first Summer Series, while others are new. Among these new players is Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the winner of the first Fortnite Pro-Am 2018. We’ll see if he walks away with a second gold medal tonight, though the competition from players such as Tfue and Liric will be fierce.

Other players include:

  • Grandpoobear
  • Aimhornet.ttv
  • Fearitselftv
  • EU Ashton
  • Gphustla-Twitch
  • Monsterdface
  • Symfuhny
  • Pineaqples
  • Faze Cloak
  • Twitch Nomxs
  • Liquid Poach
  • NRG Kaysid
  • I7
  • Chicalive
  • Pupper
  • Boltzify
  • Fickle Platypus
  • Rain Saucy
  • Iijeriichoii
  • Monstcr
  • Col Hogman
  • TSM_Daequan
  • Annialis
  • Ninja
  • C9 Blind
  • Tempo Payne
  • Jasonr
  • Saint
  • Lirik
  • Not Tfue
  • Sequisha
  • Masund
  • Janetrose
  • Twitch.Blootea
  • Nolimitsoulja
  • Hysteria
  • Izzygonecrazy
  • Highdistortion
  • Typical Gamer
  • Sanchowest
  • Im_Murksman
  • Imtimthetatman
  • Requiemslaps
  • Gamingwithgarry
  • Baysoldier
  • 100T Nadeshot
  • Notnoahj456
  • Alexiaraye
  • Nick eh 30
  • 100T_Parallax
  • OPSCT-
  • Valkyraexd
  • Kittyplays-
  • Sypherpk
  • Couragejd
  • Nickmercs
  • Leopardttv
  • Kraftyyz
  • Drlupo
  • Hutchythehutch
  • Ogre2 twitch
  • TSM_Myth
  • CDNthe3rd

A total of $1,000,000 is on the line tonight, with the first place winner walking away with a cool $60,000. Second and third place receive $48,000 and $40,000 respectively, and prizes continue until 20th place, which receives $6,000. You can watch the tournament on Epic’s official Fortnite Twitch channel, or by following your streamer of choice.

Hopefully, this weekend’s tournament fares better than last. Let us know your predictions below, and check back later for the final results.