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Fortnite added to Melbourne Esports Open lineup

Fortnite has taken the world by storm. Since it was released just over a year ago, the game has approximately 125 million players. It’s no wonder ESL Australia and TEG Live have decided to include this widely popular game to its Melbourne Esports Open line up.

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This announcement comes shortly after the release of Fortnite’s patch 5.21, which brought the heavy sniper rifle to the game. We’re sure to see lots of interesting plays from this new weapon at the Melbourne Esports Open. Furthermore, another patch is set to release in the coming days. This new update brings a brand new item called “Rift-To-Go.” This new item is expected to introduce a teleportation mechanic to the battlefield and fans will no-doubt be interested to see how players utilize the new feature.

Dedicated Fortnite Stage

Fortnite will have its own dedicated stage. Margaret Court Arena will be transformed to host these live tournaments. The games won’t be classed as professional. Instead, any attendee can sign up to play matches against other fans. If you haven’t got your ticket, make sure you head over to the Melbourne Esports Open website to purchase yours.

Tim McGregor, the Managing Director of TEG Live is very excited about the inclusion of Fortnite into the open:

“We are very excited to announce that we will be showcasing Fortnite across both days of the Melbourne Esports Open on a dedicated stage in Margaret Court Arena. For us, this was the final piece of the puzzle in making MEO 2018 a truly epic event for Australian gaming fans of all ages”

As it’s the “final piece of the puzzle,” Fortnite is most likely the final title to be announced for the Open. Recently, Melbourne Esports Open had released NBA2K18 and Spider-Man to their playable games list. Spider-Man will be available for fans to play before its launch. Ticket holders can sign up to join NBA2K18 tournaments and win prize money.

To read more about what’s on at the Melbourne Esports Open, check out our guide here.

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