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Since Call of Duty: Vanguard and Halo Infinite were released, a number of former COD professionals have made a switch. Announced earlier today, former Florida Mutineers player Chance “Maux” Moncivaez became the most recent former pro to make the FPS transition. So far, the Halo Infinite scene has seen an influx of CDL Challengers players give the game a go, with more likely on the way.

The state of Halo Infinite seems to be trending upward more so than Call of Duty in terms of competitive play. Halo Infinite launched with a solid Ranked Play playlist, esports skins and a ruleset for the competitive players. Vanguard launched with a plethora of multiplayer content but not much for those solely focused on competitive. This left CDL Challenger players, most of whom don’t earn a salary from an organization, frustrated with the game’s state.

Maux is the latest Challenger player to give up Vanguard for the time being and try his hand at Halo Infinite.

Maux leaves COD to focus on Halo Infinite

The former Florida Mutineer pro took to Twitter to announce his departure from the COD scene. He expressed his excitement for the switch, stating “I love the game and I’m excited for the new challenges I’m faced (with).” He also left a warm goodbye to his fellow players still trying to compete in CDL Challengers.

While this seems to be the current course for Maux, he also left the door open for a return to COD. This wasn’t without a caveat, though, as he said he might return if “the state of the league/game improves.” So it appears if Vanguard gets on the right track in terms of competitive play, Maux could return to the Challengers scene.

There are a couple of major issues that current CDL Challengers are asking for the Vanguard developers and CDL to resolve. These include a correct ruleset and an update on the third game mode they’ll be playing. As of right now, the ruleset that was previously released is incorrect and there’s no third game mode yet announced. If the league hopes to hang on to its pros, it will need to fix these problems first.

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