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Former French Denial Esports Call of Duty player Nathan “Natshay” Dupuis posted an accusation on Twitter about missing salaries. The player in question competed under the esports organization between January and April 2019.


There is both the French accusation and an English translation.

Accusations about Denial Esports

In the Twitlonger post, Natshay described how even though the roster had signed contracts stating salaries, the organization delayed payments. At first, when the roster didn’t get paid, they put it to the side to focus on the competition. Afterward, Natshay claims the organization continued to stall from making salary payments until their release.

He describes during the week of the Bootcamp, Denial Esports had only booked rooms at the hotel for one night. The players themselves had to pay for rooms for the team to stay. Also, claims were made that there was minimal contact with Denial Esports’ CEO Zachary Smith. Communication had to be done through Wailers instead.

Additions like the new roster change, which consisted of Joseph “Joee” Pinnington, Rhys “Rated” Price, Ben “Bance” Bance, Carson “Brack” Newberry, and Alex “Alexx” Carpenter, were sudden as well. Natshay mentions how this change was communicated last-minute while players were at the airport, without time beforehand to plan for the change.

Natshay’s invalid contract

While being dropped from the team, Natshay talks about how they were contacted by a lawyer. The lawyer told them that contracts were structured so that the players weren’t owed any money. This is different than another contract that Natshay signed that stated a $5,000 per month salary. This other contract is said to have been previously seen by MLG and also signed by the organization themselves. However, according to the lawyer, the contract had no value and is just a piece of “paper.”

Natshay also goes on to claim that Denial Esports did not pay Overtime Esports for the CWL Pro League spot either. Overtime Esports is the original organization that qualified for the CWL Pro League spot. The French team was a part of the original roster that was then purchased by Denial.


Since this Twitter post coming out, the CEO of Denial Esports, Zachary Smith, has since responded on Twitter (seen above). He titled the allegations as “false” and said he would speak to his team. However, no statements have been given yet by him or the organization that he owns.

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