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For Honor Q&A in the Warrior's Den

For Honor: July 19th Warrior’s Den recap

For Honor‘s dev team, as indicated in previous articles, places great importance on community interaction. After all, the game cannot exist without people who enjoy playing it, and listening to community feedback has become a very beneficial move for developers. One such avenue the team has for this is the Warrior’s Den, a weekly stream the developers host where they discuss community issues and announce upcoming content. In addition, they also have Q&A periods and showcase fan-made art and videos. Hosted by Community Developer Eric Pope, it also features Creative Director Roman Campos Oriola quite frequently.

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For Honor Q&A Warrior's Den
Eric was away this week, leaving Associate Product Manager Michael Porrazzo to take the helm.

Addressing the DDoS attacks

Ubisoft has been suffering an ongoing number of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks which have been affecting multiple games. DDoS attacks have been growing in frequency in recent years, with developer Daybreak Games suffering weeks of similar attacks.

What’s a DDoS?

A Distributed Denial of Service attack is a malicious activity involving multiple infected computers. These computers are used to attack a specific server or machine with the intent to cause disruption to the internet service it’s providing. On the Warrior’s Den, Ubisoft profusely apologized for the attacks and assured players they’re working around the clock to resolve the issue. Regarding compensation, all active players will be awarded 1000 Steel, 10 XP boost tickets, and 2 loot boxes.

Falling Feathers
The effect of the week is “Falling Feathers”

Warrior’s Den weekly content

For Honor offers weekly content in the form of various cosmetic effects, gear, and customization options. For this week, the effect “Falling Feathers” is available for 5000 steel. Usable in idle, execution, and emote animations, the effect shows bird feathers falling from around the hero.

Realistic Dominion playlist and event order

Realistic Dominion is live and will last until July 26th. The mode is an extra challenging version of For Honor where there are no attack indicators whatsoever. This forces the player to rely on studying animations and attack directions. It also means that indicators will not flash (as they do not exist at all), so the player must memorize timing in order to parry attacks.

There are also no gear stats — meaning that your gear has no bearing on your hero’s stats or abilities — and no reviving teammates at all. In addition, there’s a community event order live as well — Dominant Warrior — which will reward the faction who completes the most Dominion matches with 2000 steel per player.

Defend The North
Warrior’s Den also covered Defend The North, set in New York.

Defend The North!

The Warrior’s Den also announced that For Honor will be at Defend The North 2018, a tournament event in New York. Defend The North is a yearly event dedicated to celebrating and spreading video game history and culture. With various showcases and patrons, including Esports Ecosystem, Nitro Concepts, and G Fuel, this year will certainly be an intense event. The tournament featuring For Honor will be a PlayStation 4 event, in both a 1v1 (duel) and 2v2 setting with the following rules:

1v1 Duel:

  • Round timer of 5 minutes
  • Double Elimination rules
  • Must win 3/5 rounds per match
  • Also must win 2/3 games per set
  • Must win 3/5 games for grand finals
  • Gear stats disabled
  • Damage normal
  • Revenge disabled
  • Stance widget is on

2v2 Brawl:

  • Round timer is off
  • Double Elimination rules
  • Must win 3/5 rounds per match
  • Also must win 2/3 games per set
  • Must win 3/5 games for grand finals
  • Renown disabled
  • Single pick enabled
  • Damage normal
  • Revenge disabled
  • Stance widget is on

Available maps for both modes include The Pit, The Sanctuary, and The Ring. Basically, players are limited to Arena maps.

Warrior's Den For Honor Q&A
Q&A on Warrior’s Den involved Roman answering some hard questions.

Q&A Period with Roman

To close things out, Director Roman fielded some diverse questions from the community. These covered everything from Hero inquiries to the future of the game and its upcoming expansion:

Q: Will more frustrating to play against heroes, such as Centurion, get reworks in the future?

A: Roman addressed Centurion directly, stating that while he may appear very strong in some game modes, he underperforms in other game modes, which seems balanced. He also admitted that he understands some of Centurion’s moves may be a little too disabling or may catch the player in ‘too long’ of a sequence, which can seem frustrating. That said, Roman thinks Centurion is in a good place right now and has no plans to rework him.

Q: Will old gear and cosmetics from past special events and tournaments ever be made available again?

A: The devs replied that they like the exclusivity of the event gear, so for the time being such items will only be available during the specific event. However, they stated that they are also looking at ways of bringing old tournament rewards back.

Q: Will you be doing new special events?

A: Damien coyly replied with a “maybe” and a wink, indicating that it’s quite likely.

Q: What matchmaking improvements will be in store for For Honor?

A: The team is always looking to improve matchmaking to the best of their ability. They are currently reviewing the recent matchmaking changes they have already made and will work on it from there.

Q: Can order distribution be made more frequent?

A: Damien dismisses any plans to change order distribution, but they are looking to improve it in the future. For the time being, however, it is not a focus.

Q: Will the bot levels be increased for players that leave? They’re too low.

A: The bot level depends on the MMR (skill) level of the player it replaced. They’re definitely looking into bringing the leaving penalty back, but there’s currently no hard date. It will definitely be back for the expansion.

For Honor Guard Switch bug
For Honor is aware of the Guard Switch bug and is working on it.

Q: Are the devs aware of the Guard Switch bug?

A: They’re aware of the bug and are working on it. A fix should be available for the next season of For Honor.


The full Warrior’s Den stream, complete with the rest of Q&A period and the fan showcase, can be checked out here.

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