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On the first day of the Overwatch League’s Countdown Cup 2022 Western play-ins, the Florida Mayhem swept the Boston Uprising 3-0 in one of the fastest matches in league history.

It was a great start for Florida, on their quest to get to the 2022 season playoffs. With both matches on the first day of the Western play-ins being sweeps, one was a speedrun while the other was a bit of an upset.

Florida Mayhem speedrun the Boston Uprising in the play-ins

In the first match of the Western play-ins, the 7th seed Florida Mayhem faced off against the 10th seed Boston Uprising. This match, while important for their paths to a spot in the season playoffs, only confirmed who moves on to the upper and lower brackets. So, when the Florida Mayhem stepped on the gas on control and never slowed down, it was clear that they were gunning for their place in the postseason.

The entire match, taking out the breaks between matches, only was 21 minutes and 51 seconds long. This means that each map was an average of seven and a half minutes long. This Florida Mayhem win was only 3 minutes and 30 seconds longer than the league record for the fastest series, which was a sweep by the San Francisco Shock taking only 19 minutes and 23 seconds. Plus, in terms of the 2022 season, Florida’s win over Boston was the fifth fastest.

For comparison, the record of the longest match in league history? 1 hour, 23 minutes and 33 seconds. With most matches somewhere in the 35-minute to 50-minute range depending on how long it goes, that one between the Houston Outlaws and Boston Uprising (hello again) was a doozy.

Toronto Defiant pull out a surprise sweep over the playoff Washington Justice

If there’s one thing fans know from previous seasons, it is that the Washington Justice step it up for the season playoffs. In their second season, they acquired star player Jang “Decay” Gui-un just before the playoffs and integrated him quickly to go on an unexpected run. Finishing in third place, they just missed out on travelling to the Grand Finals LAN event.

Then, in 2021, they finished tenth in the regular season only to upset the Houston Outlaws in play-ins. They bombed out of the postseason tournament afterwards, but nobody expected them to even make it that far.

So, with their opponents being a recently COVID-rattled and underperforming Toronto Defiant, the path was there to the upper bracket. Only this time, the Toronto Defiant were the ones making a run. After a confident map win on Ilios control, the Defiant stuck to their guns in the mirror matchup. Both Jeong “Heesu” Hee-su and Lim “Finale” Jung-woo had their ways to and through the Justice team. That continued on all maps, leading to an easy 3-0 for Toronto.

This now means that the Florida Mayhem and Toronto Defiant will face each other to see who makes it into the season playoffs first.

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