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One of the most popular non-Overwatch League teams is getting players into the league once again this off-season. Korean Contenders team RunAway was known for having on of the best rosters in the world. That team ended up becoming the entirety of the Vancouver Titans. However, even with losing their entire roster, RunAway rebuilt and continued to be near the top of Korean Contenders the seasons afterwards. Now history is repeating. The Florida Mayhem have signed RunAway DPS player Jun-ki “Yaki” Kim and support player Nam-jin “Gangnamjin” Gang.

Mayhem rebuilding

For the third season in a row, the Mayhem are trying to build from trades and acquisitions, from having an entirely European roster, to an unknown Korean one, and now a more popular one. This time though, these two players from RunAway are particularly good choices. Yaki’s flex DPS play from Tracer to Pharah and Sombra was one of the key reasons the new RunAway won their first season as a team together. Just turning 18 in June of this year, he wasn’t picked up by any Overwatch League team mid-season, but it seems the Mayhem’s new core attracted him.

Meanwhile, Gangnamjin is a great Ana and Zenyatta player who was rumored for being involved with various teams. However, it seems he wanted to play with a teammate from RunAway.

How will they fit in the roster?

The Mayhem have improved from season 2 with these signings. Even with the poor showing they had for most of last season, the final stage where they won more games than they lost was a shining light of hope. It seemed tank duo Pan-seung “Fate” Koo and Beom-jun “Gargoyle” Lee were meshing well together. Plus, with a meta that fit their DPS well, they improved a lot in the course of one stage.

But what do these two signings add? Well, more flexibility in both their DPS and support roles, certainly. Yaki and Gangnamjin both fill in spots in the Mayhem roster where they were needed. Even if you could argue that their hero pools overlap with the current players on the Mayhem’s roster, these two are improvements. Also, these two new additions have experiences not only playing at big events — but winning.

Just don’t expect this to be the last news coming from the Florida Mayhem this off-season.

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