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With the big news coming from the Florida Mayhem earlier this break, their team is changing. Trading away some of their prospects from Mayhem Academy to the Los Angeles Valiant for main tank Pan-seung “Fate” Koo has been the biggest of the break so far. This wasn’t their only acquisition though, also picking up Seong-ju “Byrem” Lee from the disbanded NRG Esports. But these new acquisitions have also clearly shown that their team is going for a full Korean roster. These two signings have just led to two people leaving the team: The Florida Mayhem have released Kevyn “TviQ” Lindström and Sung-hoon “SNT” Kim.

Who are TviQ and SNT?

Starting off with the veteran player, TviQ has been in the competitive Overwatch scene since its inception. He was formerly a professional Team Fortress 2 player, like a lot of players in the league. His flexibility and skill in the damage-dealing role were immense, playing for dominant teams such as Rogue and Misfits. With his help, he also led team Sweden to third place in the 2017 Overwatch World Cup. Unfortunately, his transition to the Overwatch League didn’t work out well at all. His team was second worst in the league, only in front of the win-less Shanghai Dragons. At the end of the season, every player from the old Florida Mayhem was released besides TviQ. He got some playing time in season two, but with the Koreans coming in, he wasn’t fitting in well.

On the other hand, SNT was one of the Korean players they signed for the end of the first season, under the name AwesomeGuy. His main tank play seemed to match his main tank teammates — not good enough for the Overwatch League. He stayed for the second season but never got playing time over new teammate Seong-won “Swon” Yoon. With Fate coming in now too, SNT seemed to be out of the team. While he did help coach the team as well, the Mayhem seem to be on the same path as last season, which is clearly not good enough.

How will this effect the Florida Mayhem?

For Mayhem fans, this is a change for the better. Tviq wasn’t going to play anymore, and with Fate arriving, SNT wasn’t going to play either. The team needs to play better for the rest of the season, and this is how.