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Against nearly everybody’s prediction, a spectacular Flipsid3 Tactics has won WSOE4, the first ever Rocket League edition. The Europeans won the $50K first prize with their temporary (now permanent?) stand-in Jack “Speed” Packwood-Clarke, who was on loan from Red Reserve.

Tournament Structure

  • Day 1: Group stage, BO5 round-robin, two groups of five teams
  • Day 2: Single elimination BO7 bracket

A solid group stage

F3 was expected to survive their group stage beforehand, requiring only third place at the least. In a group with the dreaded Dignitas and current world champions Cloud9, however, that wasn’t as easy as it sounded. Still, F3 is regarded as a solid team and they showed that on day one. With a 3-1 series record and a +6 win differential, they claimed the first spot ahead of the two titans. While they lost to Cloud9, they swept Dignitas 3-0 and comfortably awaited whoever would face them in the semi-final of the knockout phase.

A controversial semi-final

Okay, not that controversial, but certainly not run-of-the-mill either. Where F3 lost game one in overtime due to a lag spike, they went on to win the following three games, putting themselves on match point towards the WSOE4 Grand Final. Then, however, the series was paused and it was announced that the overtime for game one was to be replayed. A fair decision, but a late one. And while the commentators were told that both teams had agreed to it, it seems they were misinformed. Mariano “SquishyMuffinz” Arruda of C9 tweeted out after the match that they had had no say in the matter. F3 went on to win the overtime to claim a 4-0 sweep over the RLCS title holders. With a confident smile, the three Europeans went on to the Grand Final, where North America’s NRG awaited them.

The final

Flipsid3 tried to take their hot streak straight into the final, but NRG had different ideas. With a 4-0 win in game one, they slammed F3 back to earth. F3 wouldn’t let themselves get rattled though. With two close wins, they took the lead back. The final would become known as one of many, many near-goals, with balls rolling across the goal line before getting saved and strikers hitting the woodwork over and over again. NRG managed to win one more game, but ultimately it was F3 who dominated the series, winning the final game 5-1 to win the series 4-2.

The first ever WSOE Rocket League Champions

With their win, F3 claimed WSOE4 in spectacular fashion. And with a substitute, no less, after Maurice “Yukeo” Weihs left the team to join Dignitas. In his absence, F3 decided to pick up the aforementioned Speed from Red Reserve as a try-out. With a similar play style to Yukeo’s, it looked to match incredibly well. Speed stood out throughout the entire tournament and was pivotal in F3’s win. He looks to have earned a permanent spot on the team, despite failing to qualify for DreamHack Leipzig, after which he was criticized a fair bit. The championship marks the first major LAN win for Francesco “Kuxir97” Cinquemani and Dave “Miztik” Lawrie since DreamHack Summer back in 2017. Speed, on the other hand, played his first ever LAN and warned the world another star is on the rise.

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