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The Shattered Goddess has arrived to Paladins! The addition of a new support character is always good news in this game, and Io is a particularly interesting one. And she is not alone: Her doge Luna is by her side to protect her.

Below you can see Io’s cinematic introduction.

Io’s skill set in Paladins appears on the surface to be a less-offensive version of Furia’s. Both supports have relatively weak basic attacks, although Io’s Light Bow doesn’t benefit from an attack speed buff like Furia’s gun-sword. Io’s Lunar Leap is also a backwards dash like Furia’s Wings, but without the homing projectiles. The Shattered Goddess’s primary healing ability, Moonlight, channels to heal a single target at a time.

Io’s ultimate ability, Begone, is very powerful for objective clears. It grabs every enemy champion it passes through and literally slams them into the next wall in its path. It would be interesting to see if enemies maintain their current vertical position when caught in this ability. That would make it great for launching enemy champions off the map, in the same annoying way Torvald and Khan do.

Io Luna Paladins

Stunning sidekick

This new Paladins support comes with a great sidekick: Luna. An ethereal dog summoned with her Guardian Spirit ability, Luna seeks out and stuns enemy champions. She also interacts with some of Io’s talents, like the morally questionable Sacrifice.

When Sacrifice is picked, dealing damage to Io that brings her below nine percent of her health makes her trade places with Luna. Then Io is healed and Luna destroyed. You can re-summon her afterwards, as she is an immortal spirit, but it still feels a little messed up.

You can check out Io’s other talents and cards in the official Paladins patch notes for the Sun and Moon update.

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