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Shephard “Fiction” Lima won Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at Rollback Rumble: SCL Q3 on October 24. As a result, he qualified for Division 2 of the Slippi Champions League, taking Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma’s place. This marked the first Rollback Rumble that allowed the winner to bypass Division 2 Relegation.


Toward the beginning of the bracket, Fiction had to run through a gauntlet of Peach mains. In the process, he beat Derek “Aura” Olsen 3-0, Kyle “Kalamazhu” Zhu 3-2, and Matt “Polish” Warshaw 3-2. This allowed Fiction to qualify for top 8 on winners side.

Despite some close sets early on, Fiction dominated in his top 8 matches. He reached Grand Finals after scoring 3-0 wins against both DaJuan “Shroomed” McDaniel and Isaac “bobby big ballz” P. Fiction beat Shroomed once again in Grand Finals, this time 3-1, in order to win Rollback Rumble: SCL Q3.

 Other results from Rollback Rumble: SCL Q3

Shroomed placed 2nd at Rollback Rumble: SCL Q3, securing his third straight appearance in the Slippi Champions League. He made it into top 8 by defeating John “KoDoRiN” Ko and Jason “Gahtzu” Diehl. From there, Shroomed earned a streak of 3-0 wins, sweeping Matteo Caglioti, Miles “Soonsay” Foster, and bobby big ballz.

In his first Rollback Rumble after moving to Texas, bobby big ballz advanced into the League for the first time. His path to top 8 included dominant 3-0 wins over Weston “Westballz” Dennis, Duncan “SDJ” Meara, and Rishi Malhotra. Then, bobby big ballz beat Soonsay in Winners Semis.

Soonsay and Gahtzu secured the final two Division 2 Relegation spots at Rollback Rumble: SCL Q3. Soonsay placed 4th, beating Theodore “squible” Landegger, Eduardo “Eddy Mexico” Lucatero Rincón, Jeffrey “Kuyashi” Luce, and Gahtzu. Gahtzu placed 5th, with wins over “Zuppy,” Anthony “Zealot” J., and Polish. In addition, Gahtzu won the 5th place tiebreaker match against Matteo.