Fedmyster received a Twitch ban because of Alinity
fedmyster twitch ban alinity

Fedmyster received a Twitch ban because of Alinity

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OfflineTV producer and streamer Federico “Fedmyster” Gaytan explained how Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon’s recent infamous “nip slip” somehow landed him a three-day suspension. Late April brought controversy over problematic streamer Alinity starting drama on Twitch. During her broadcast, Alinity suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, exposing her left breast on stream. Immediately, clips of her nip slip circulated through Reddit and Twitter. The community called for Twitch staff to ban her for the accident, and she was banned for a brief period of 24 hours.

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Fedmyster’s Twitter mishap

However, Fed’s secondary Twitch account “Fedmyster2” was banned on May 1 for three days. The streamer explained his ban resulted from “sharing content featuring nudity.” Apparently someone posted a clip of Alinity’s nip slip on Twitter while Fed had the site open.

Fed’s ban on his secondary account meant he was also unable to stream on his main account — Twitch would consider that a ban evasion. The streamer stated he intended to appeal the ban and would share updates. Fortunately, Twitch staff revoked his suspension shortly after the appeal.

Serving a longer sentence than the perpetrator

While it’s fair that Twitch staff removed his ban, the whole situation sheds light on a more significant issue. Fed accidentally showing Alinity’s content landed him a punishment more severe than that given to Alinity. Moreover, Twitch dished out Fed’s ban in a shorter time than Alinity’s.

Fed’s ban only lasted two and a half hours before being lifted, but the Twitch community is still up in arms. For years, the perception of favoritism and double standards among the organization’s staff has been an issue. Alinity’s channel has seemingly broken the platform’s Terms of Service on multiple occasions while rarely suffering consequences.

What’s more, Twitch’s guidelines towards nudity and clothing aren’t straightforward. The company recently received backlash from the body painting community. Content creators accused Twitch of banning streamers despite their keeping in line with the rules.

Fedmyster is free to stream on both his channels again, but his brief ban highlights the ambiguity of Twitch’s ban system. Do you think Fed’s ban was fair? Should Alinity suffer a more severe punishment? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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