FaZe5 candidate RowdyRogan supposedly banned on Warzone
rowdyrogan faze5 banned from warzone
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FaZe5 candidate RowdyRogan supposedly banned on Warzone

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The youngest sponsored gamer in the world, RowdyRogan, has apparently been banned from Call of Duty: Warzone. Currently in the running for FaZe Clan’s prestigious “FaZe5” competition, RowdyRogan has made headlines for both his age and prowess at video games. Only six years old, this prodigy primarily plays Warzone on his Twitch channel. However, to not break Twitch’s Terms of Service, Rogan’s father plays right beside him every stream. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be enough for Activision, as its TOS is more strict when it comes to children playing the publisher’s titles.

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RowdyRogan banned on Warzone

As of the time of writing, there’s been no concrete reason as to why Rogan was banned. The streamer’s Twitter account, run by his father, tweeted out a video of the message his Warzone account received. Both Rogan and his father seemed shocked when the ban came through, indicating they are unaware of the reason as well.

Simply saying “Account permanently banned,” this doesn’t look to be a mistake. However, RowdyRogan’s father kept insisting that it had to be one. Nevertheless, for the time being, Rogan will have to put his streaming of Warzone on hold.

Many fans assumed that the reason for the ban is due to Activision’s TOS. Essentially, no person under the age of 13 is allowed to play a Call of Duty title, no matter if a guardian is present or not. This is clearly stated in the TOS, but many thought Rogan was receiving special treatment since he’s been streaming the game for so long without punishment.

Another reason that some fans thought of has to do with the FaZe5 competition. Rogan is currently in the top 20 of the competition and there are specific guidelines he must meet to advance. The final step in those guidelines is to have a video go viral. Some in the community think that Rogan, and his father, faked his ban in order to complete this step.

If that’s the case, then mission accomplished, as the Twitter video has nearly 10,000 Likes. However, at this time, nothing is definite and information is still being gathered. For the time being, the hashtag #FreeRogan is trending on Twitter.

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