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FaZe Clan dominated XSET in the second match of the Valorant Champions Tour Masters event.

FaZe Clan were coming into the match off a 3-0 victory against First Strike Champions 100 Thieves. In that match, they looked to be on a completely different level of play. They won the first map on Icebox 13-6 before winning again on Bind 13-8 for the series victory. While 100 Thieves were playing with a new lineup, FaZe Clan was clearly the better team in the matchup.

XSET, having last beaten FaZe Clan in the lower bracket of Challengers 2, had not played since February. This clearly showed in their rematch against FaZe Clan, who blew through them with a quick 2-0. Haven had XSET picking up six rounds to FaZe Clan’s thirteen and saw most of their players going negative. On Bind–XSET’s map pick–FaZe Clan looked even more dominant. They were able to close it out in a quick 13-3 with Andrej “babybay” Francisty clutching a one verses one for the victory.

XSET look to regain while FaZe Clan continue their hot streak

XSET were the biggest question marks coming into the Masters event based on their shaky past performances. While they had beaten teams like Envy, FaZe Clan, and Luminosity Gaming, they had struggled against Sentinels and Immortals. However, despite these performances, XSET were one of the first four teams to qualify for the North American Masters. Something that Matthew “Wedid” Suchan said “made us [XSET] rusty.”

“We didn’t play a match for three weeks, so we were kind of rusty, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t practicing. We lost that match experience for the last three weeks while these teams got knocked out in the open the first time and got to play a second time. They’re locked in and ready to play.”

FaZe Clan’s MVP for the match against XSET, babybay, was confident in their quick win. Over the course of the two maps, babybay went 42/18 which had him at a positive 24 for the series. His Jett abilities were touched on a lot when asked about the meta.

“In my opinion, Jett is the best hero in the game. It’s the only duelist that can take a shot and get out alive. I think these teams that aren’t running Jett don’t have a player like me on their team. When they see me play the game, their Jetts don’t do what I do. Even if when they try and copy what I do, they’re not able to.”

XSET will drop down to the lower bracket to play against Gen.G while FaZe Clan will move on in the upper bracket to play against Team Envy.