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FaZe Clan have partnered with popular audio manufacturer Beats by Dr. Dre to release an exclusive line of Studio3 Wireless headphones. Covered in the iconic red and black camouflage, the FaZe Clan headphones are in extremely short supply. With only 500 copies available to the public, FaZe fans have to go through an extra step if they want their own headset. Fans must enter a lottery for a chance to gain access to the marketplace’s website.

Fans can visit the e-commerce marketplace NTWRK to enter the contest, though the lottery is only available for a limited time. Fans have less than eight hours left to enter, as the contest ends on December 1st at 8 PM ET (5 PM PT).

Those looking to enter must download and sign up for the NTWRK app on iOS or Android devices. After setting up an account, fans must enter the lottery for a chance to purchase the headphones. Entry to the contest is free at first, but if chosen, contestants will be charged an entry fee after being notified by the NTWRK app.

Winners of the contest will be announced on the NTWRK app on December 1 at 9 PM ET (6 PM PT). The Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones don’t come cheap though, with a price tag of $349.95.

These FaZe Clan Beats starred in Crimson

FaZe Clan team member Kristopher “FaZe Swagg” Lamberson discussed the release of the headphones in a release. “FaZe partnering with Beats has been a super meaningful moment for gaming and music culture,” said Lamberson. “We’ve created so much cool content together but now that we’re teaming up on a product release with these Studio3 wireless headphones in the classic FaZe Red Tiger Camo, our fans are going to go wild. I hope everyone loves them as much as I do.”

Fans got their first look at the headphones in FaZe Rug: Crimson, the clown based horror film released in October. Star of Crimson Brian “FaZe Rug” Awadis can be seen wearing the headphones in the trailer. Those looking to pick up their own pair of FaZe Clan branded Studio have to move quickly, the lottery is only available for a limited time.