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FaZe Clan took the upper bracket semifinals series against Envy 2-0 at the North American Masters tournament on Sunday, March 14. FaZe have been on a win streak since its Challengers Three winning run and and they continue to roll with this match. The team will go on to the upper bracket final with two chances at a grand finals appearance. Envy will continue the tournament in the lower bracket, matching up against Luminosity Gaming in its first loser’s matchup.

Envy struggled against FaZe’s patented aggressive playstyle. The team came into the match with a plan to temper that high tempo according to Jake “kaboose” McDonald, one of Envy’s Duelist players. Envy ultimately fell into the aggressive mindset that the former Overwatch professionals thrive in.

“They have a very aggressive style which is kind of hit or miss. I feel like in a type of game like that you either stop them completely and you run away with it or they kind of just take over the server.” kaboose said. “I feel like the latter happened today and we couldn’t stop their aggression really.”

FaZe continue their win streak

FaZe have only dropped one map so far in March. The last team to take the squad to three maps was NRG in the upper semifinals of Challengers Three. Since then, the team has been in form and nigh unstoppable. Other squads in the Valorant Champions Tour have figured out the way that FaZe prefer to play, but have no answers to counter the teams aggressive plays and agent choice.

“We knew exactly how they were going to play, everyone knows they’re gonna be aggressive with Breach and Jett and taking fights,” kaboose said.

This FaZe squad seems to rely on confidence to create its aggressive plays and the team will keep that trust in its skills and teammates into the next round according to Corey “corey” Nigra.

“Everyone’s confident in our aim, our strategy and our playstyle,” corey said. “So as long as we keep that good vibe we’ll be fine.”