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The third season of the immensely popular Fall Guys is only a day away, and fans have their first look at two new levels. A total of seven new levels are coming to Fall Guys Season 3, the two newest being Ski Fall and Thin Ice. Ski Fall was teased when Season 3 was first announced, while Thin Ice is a brand new final level. These two winter themed levels are part of the Season 3 update, which arrives on PlayStation 4 and PC on December 15.

Ski Fall seems like an amazing level, with players sliding down a steep path to earn points. Ramps and obstacles block players’ paths while swinging jingle bells can knock players out of the air. As they’re hurtling down the mountain players have to dive through hoops located on a giant spinning wheel. Each hoop has a different point value associated with it. The players with the most points will move on to the next level.

The Fall Guys beans are on Thin Ice

The other level revealed is Thin Ice. Similar to another final level, Hex-a-gone, Thin Ice has players running across an ice field to avoid falling into goo. There are three layers of ice for players to break, but the layers are directly on top of one another. Each individual ice block seems to break after being hit three times, or if players stand on it for too long. The tiles are also slippery so careless players can slide right off into the goo if they’re not careful.

Thin Ice is another last bean standing type level and seems pretty tricky to navigate. The addition of a new final is great for players who were getting tired of repeatedly seeing the same four final rounds.

Season 3 is bringing seven new levels to Fall Guys and more than 30 costumes for players to collect including a Yeti costume and a penguin costume.